Lt. Col. David Parkinson, Parachute Regiment.

All to steal a phone, a laptop and a silver statuette.

I heard this news yesterday - very sad for such an end to a life that always held promise. I knew him before he joined the Army and our paths crossed occasionally over the years when we were both serving. I was always impressed by his integrity, and by his commitment to his family and friends. He was a little older than me - 5 years or so - and I always looked up to him. He was a brilliant role model with a smile on his face and sound advice, whenever it was sought. I offer my deep condolences and sympathy to Sonja and their children, who will be devastated by their loss in these circumstances.

I'll raise a glass to David tonight now the news has been confirmed.



Very sad news he was my Company Commander in NI in the early 90's, great bloke, I shall also raise a glass this evening.

Condolences to his family.
Very sad news indeed - he was a really decent bloke, and his wife is a truly genuine person. He and Sonja were actively involved in charity work in Kenya fo many years.
Thanks 23up23down - I don't live in Africa any more, but do travel there on work. What a bloody depressing continent!

One consolation is that, according to a close friend of David and Sonja - someone you know well in SA - said that she has a very supportive famly.
What a bloody waste. The sheer stupidity of this kind of crime makes one weep. I've been back to various parts of the world but I doubt I will ever go back to wonderful East Africa.


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OC Tac whilst I was at RMAS - brilliant in handling 'tricky' issues

RIP good man and deep condolences to the family
Very sad, he was a real gentleman.

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Very bad month in Kenya, once again very sad and condolences to family:

[h=1]Retired British Army colonel shot dead in Kenya[/h][h=2]A decorated British war hero, who commanded a unit of paratroopers on Bloody Sunday, has been shot and killed in front of his family whilst visiting his son in Kenya.[/h]
Col. Edward Loden and Dr. Sarah de Freytus. Photo: Dafydd Jones

By Mike Pflanz in Nairobi and Hayley Dixon

4:37PM BST 08 Sep 2013

Col Edward Loden, 73, who was awarded a Military Cross for his service in Aden in 1967, was ambushed by armed robbers as he returned to his son’s home from dinner late on Saturday night.

He was with his wife Jill, and his son Jamie - who was driving - when they were attacked. His daughter-in-law, Sarah, had stayed home to babysit

"The robbers were waiting for them, and as the guard let the car inside and began to close the gates behind it, the robbers came in," Zipporah Mboroki, spokesman for the Kenya Police, said tonight.

"They they ran to the car and there was some sort of argument and they shot through the windscreen, and this elderly man was the one who was hit."

Col Loden died from his injuries at his son's house, Mrs Mboroki said.

"We think this is a robbery, because the attackers stole only a necklace and an ATM card. They shot at the car but it could have hit any of the three in there," she said.

"The robbers ran away and we very soon had officers pursuing them including with a dog. The problem is they ran over a river and the dog lost the scent. Our investigations are continuing."
Col Loden had been visiting Jamie in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, where he is a director of Barclays Bank’s Africa division. His son is himself a former Para who fought in Afghanistan.
His family described the events as a “brutal tragedy” as they paid tribute to a “devoted family man and proud grandfather”.
Col Loden is the second senior former Parachute Regiment officer to die in the country in less than a month after intruders murdered Lt Col David Parkinson at his home near the British Army training base in Nanyuki on August 25.
There was no suggestion that either Col Loden or his family had been individually targeted, and police were treating the attack as a robbery that went wrong.
Ambushing people as they wait to be let into their gates is a common tactic in Nairobi, but victims are rarely seriously injured because most surrender their vehicles and valuables and are left unharmed.
The family said in a statement: “Edward, married to Jill, father of Jamie and Will, was a devoted family man and proud grandfather of Oliver, Amelia, Joshua, Harry and Emily. Jill and her sons would like to say thank you to all the overwhelming messages of love and support from wider friends and family."
Col Loden was commissioned into the Parachute Regiment in 1959 and served on several operations around the world during a distinguished career that ended with his retirement from the Army in 1992.
He was awarded the MC for service in the Aden emergency in 1967, when as an Intelligence Officer he showed “exceptional coolness, courage and devotion to duty”.
He demonstrated “personal bravery of the highest order” on three separate occasions, including risking his life to get more ammunition and recovering the wounded and dead whilst under fire, according to an announcement of his award in the London Gazette, which concluded he “set a fine example and was an inspiration to all”.
During the Bloody Sunday shootings in Londonderry in 1972 he was in command of a Parachute Regiment unit that fired more than 100 shots. Thirteen civilians were killed at the scene.
The Saville Report later exonerated Col Loden, concluding: "At the time the casualties were being sustained, Major Loden neither realised nor should have realised that his soldiers were or might be firing at people who were not posing or about to pose a threat.”
He went on to hold several other airborne posts including Brigade Major to 44 Para Brigade, Commanding Officer of 4 Para, and Colonel, Depot Para before retiring from the Army to pursue a career in business management and then giving up work to pursue his love of sailing in 1999, his family said.


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