Lt.Col. Cockburn RAMC

Just wanted to pass on the news that my father Lt.Col (ret.) Thomas Rodney Cockburn RAMC has passed away after a short illness & to ask if anyone remembers/served with him. He was known as Rod (amongst other things I'm sure!)

He left the army in 1980 (hence old n bold forum) after 16 years. We (as a family) did Germany, Plymouth, Scotland, Cyprus (1974 when it got a bit shouty & shooty & we had to leave sharpish) & then germany again. He became a GP in the midlands

Like most of you, he seldom mentioned what he got up to. After a few drinks, I got the occasional story about NI & when pushed he would tell of being strafed (spl?) by Turkish jets, but mostly me & siblings had no idea of what he did & who with etc

So I an intrigued to see if any one remembers him & has any stories or experiences with him. I'm especially interested about Cyprus '72-'74 as me & my siblings have oddly varying memories about it all. I was 5- 6 years old & loved every minute of the bangy air raidy stuff, the elder sisters weren't so keen.

Please PM me for more details.

I presume theres some sort of RAMC assoc. type thing? Should I let them know? anyone got any contact details for that?

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