Lt Col. C. Tug La**on (Retd)

This legend was my Tug Of War coach when I was in cadets (only for the sake of TOW) and I'm just wondering if anyone has any updates on him as the last I heard was that he was in hospital (unknown reasons and this is a couple of months ago). Failing that, any amusing anecdotes that I can get him giggling with when I do eventually track him down would be appreciated. Embarrassing stories even more so.

Please do PM me if you don't wanna say anything in an open forum.

im sorry to hear old tugs not well!! ive mentioned him on here before,and only spoke to an old mate about him the other week,we wondered what he was up to? we were both j.l.r.r.a squad 91/92..and the man was great..a proper gent!! as a scrawny 16 yr old sprog you think a lance jack is high ranking..but to have a lt.col(retd) in charge of you,who was a ranker,was something else!!...i wish him a speedy recovery! saying about catching a weasel sleeping was what he used to tell us in training haha LEGEND
i'll be sure to let you know whats what when i do get something if you like. there are a few in the ACF that i can get hold of with a bit of effort that may be able to gimme some info.
You'll all be pleased to know Tug is good and well now according to my sources. No one seems to know quite what was wrong, but when he came back round, he is reported to have said, "Bah, just a bloody cold."

Accordingly, the clever money is on either Ebola or Bird Flu...

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