LSW with Grenade launcher


Just been looking in todays Sun an saw a picture of 2 booties  carrying LSW's. On closer inspection they appeared to have a new fore end and grenade launcher below the rifle barrel.

Can any Infantry types confirm this as a mod. I thought that LSWs were going and you were getting SAWs.


Believe they are SA 80 A2 Rifles with UGL (Underslung Grenade Launcher).  I understand these will come in to beef up inf firepower and replace (?) the RGGS.

The LSW in its A2 format is staying.  Inf sections will get 2x LMG (FN Para minimi I believe, but may still be trialling options) replacing 2 rifles.  The LMG is intended to improve section suppressive fire below 300m, the LSW will continue to suppress out to 800m (some talk of improved ammunition to increase this range).  

All steps in the right direction.

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