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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by KleenUpGuy, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. Went my ACF 3* course over the summer ran by the regular army, their was a clash of opinions between the instructors which resorted in alot of confusion, over hte drills with an LSW. The problem was, when do you put the bipod down? The first method was as soon as you get down and pick up the weapon you crawl up the weapon and adjust the bipod, the second was upon the make ready, which i think involved adjusting the bipod and then readyign the weapon. The first method was taught be a Sgt who claimed to have checked it in the manual the week before, the second by a Mercian Sgt and a RLC Sgt. Can anyone confirm which method is correct?
  2. You deploy the bipod before adopting the prone position. At least when conducting SAA. In real life it all depends on the position you are adopting.
  3. Thanks :)
  4. agreed with ironrations. when doing SAA lessons bipod down. however real life bipod down really only when in a static defensive position or when firing at long range targets.
  5. I'd worry more about getting effective firing going, which is far more important than getting the bipod down.
  6. He's a cadet.
  7. I ment in a saa view.
  8. Having just completed the RMQ course, a decent RCO will get you on the Firing Point, give you the order:-



    Then order the firers to adopt the appropriate position (standing unsupported, kneeling etc). If in the prone:

    "Adopt the PRONE position, test and adjust!" (this is your cue, to get on your belt buckle, deploy bipod legs, and if grouping, targets will be up for you to get your position, hold and sight alignment correct).

    Whilst you are 'testing and adjusting' the RCO will be explaining the practice.

    "Does anyone not understand the practice?" Pause and look (not you, the RCO)

    "In your own time, GO ON!"

    If conducted logically, your question should not have arisen.
  9. Unless he was asking for a skill at arms lesson/wht. ******* know it all RMQs.
  10. Well there is that I suppose!! Who are RMQ's?
  11. People that aren't committed enough to do the AASAA course.
  12. :) Touche!!!