Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by byes, Jun 3, 2004.

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  1. does anybody know if there are any plans for a new level of lssa.
    With 600 days being the ceiling at the mo surly with all the deployments we are now tied up in,there is room for another level if not two added.
    maybe at 800,then 1000 days.
    any thought??.
  2. Bit greedy, isn't it? Shouldn't you be doing it for Queen and Country and Uncle Tone?
  3. Byes - there are no formalised plans to introduce another level of LSSA.

    At present, there are 3 levels:

    Lower (0 - 300 days):£5.13 per day
    Middle (301 - 600): £8.03 per day
    Higher (601 +): £10.94 per day.

    Clearly, these rates are payable before tax (an issue in itself!)

    It took a great deal of effort to implement LSSA and it's associated benefits through the system - the old SEPAL system was completely unfair - so consider that before railing against LSSA! :D

    Don't forget that LSSA(AT) (280 days in 2 year period) and (AT+) (365 days in a common AT 2 year period) are still payable in addition to LSSA.

    Given that a great deal of the Army is deployed on ops - with certain Units on 4 month tour intervals, those LSSA cards are filling rapidly - and lots of our people are accruing quite a tidy sum as it is! :D
  4. well sloping when was the last time you left the office and went on an op tour.

    try telling your wife that its quite a tidy sum when you spend over two years away in the last four.don't get me wrong i didn't join up to sit at home but i think you need to rethink your point of view if you think lssa and these so called" bonuses " more than make up for the time away.

    now these" bonuses ".in my first 2 year period i received both my bonuses for doing in excess of 365 days away(no problems). this 2 year period however i'm about 10 days short of my second bonus and obviously don't receive can this be a fair system when i'v done over 750 days away out of a total 1350.
    then there is the subject of taxing these bonuses.when the americans go to a war zone they don't pay any tax on there earning let alone's about time the government followed suit.

    we come in peace,shoot to kill,shoot to kill,shoot to kill.
  5. To answer your concerns/whinge:

    I joined the Army in 1991.

    I have completed 10 op tours in that time, as those people who know me will testify, and god knows how many BATUS/OTX/various other bits and pieces.

    I have every sympathy for those people whose private lives have been disrupted by constant deployment, but the solution is quite simple - leave if you don't like it.

    Thanks for your views.
  6. Well in Slopes. Too many whingers just lately :D

    (Still really dull fecker though!)
  7. I have it on reliable authority (someone who has done it) that if you fill out a tax self assessment form and include your p60 and pay statement with your bonus on you can reclaim the tax paid. :D
  8. sloping the " get out if you don't like it" line is an awesome that does not surprise me from a person who is stuck in the era he joined up in.stop towing the party line and get an original idea for yourself.

    we come in peace,shoot to kill,shoot to kill,shoot to kill.
  9. Slopes' answer may have appeared unoriginal to you, but it would appear to be the only option open to you in light of your obvious dissatisfaction with the terms and conditions currently available.

    What do you think you will achieve by:

    a) whinging and
    b) criticising those who have offered expert advice?

    Incidentally, you will find that more credibility will be given to your outpourings if you take the trouble to spell and punctuate correctly.
  10. Cheers VB - good drills!

    I like the idea of being viewed as old and bold! I always regard myself as being fairly niggy still - I can just about remember SLR and 58 pattern webbing.

    I wonder what my boss would say if he knew I was being labelled as a crusty old fart? Given my responsibilities regarding emergent technology, I think he'd be horrified!

    Doctrine, anyone?

    Kirk - wipe your nose, dry your eyes and go and stand on the touchline with the oranges and Matron. Haruumph! :twisted:
  11. I think I heard / read somewhere that the Separation Benefits are going to be changed "when JPA comes in" - along with everything else it seems 8O

    As yet no firm details, but it will be interesting to see when it comes in, more stuff to learn again.
  12. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator


    Otherwise good post from one so young!!
  13. Shrubbers, right on. JPA will change LSSA to a multi-tiered system that will accommodate those abundant in LSSA days - and offer increases above 600 days. The name will change, as will the rules - they'll both become simpler (to accommodate the RAF and RN!)

    Anyway, it's still a bloody good allowance and Her Majesty didn't have to pay it - and as for the argument about the Yanks earlier, remember your pride people, have you ever worked with the Yanks?!
  14. P.S It's gonna be called LSA, and there will be 10 levels.
  15. Kel

    Kel Old-Salt

    I've just received LSSA (AT), is this payable at the rate of your two year period (£1,000) or the rate that is currently in force (£1,250). I think I,ve been scammed out of some cash here.