Is LSSA payable to TA members on attachments with regular units overseas? (Not FTRS or Mobilization).
I have received LOA but not LSSA.

Hey, good news. :D I am getting all my LSSA days & pay granted. So I will mostly be going off someplace warmer than the UK, and not by Tristar Express.  8)



I think it may be a case of proving you have the days- I had 490+ prior to leaving and being called and the LSSA started on the middle rate- which was nice! Now on 550+ I think- and I will stick there if you don't mind!
I am currently on 665 day's and rising,i still havent been payed my two lssa bonuses which i qualified for last october!!
Will they pay me the interest? fat chance!! If i owed the army this amount of money,they would'nt hesitate in deducting my wages!!

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