LSSA vs Leave

I was recently deployed on TELIC, and collected LSSA for the duration.
I understand that during leave you are not entitled to LSSA (because you are at home) Thus on my payslip following leave I have been deducted two weeks LSSA, however, because the LSSA has been paid in then later deducted, it has been taxed and I have lost money. Is it possible to claim this back, and how would i go about this?

You have not lost any money.

Income tax is deducted annually. Glasgow calculate your PAYE contributions on a monthly basis, so if you too much is deducted one month, less will be deducted the following month. It all balances out at the end of the financial year when you get your P60.

If you don't trust Glasgow to calculate your PAYE contributions correctly (and who does?) then you should self-assess your tax once a year - but that's a different story.

If - like the majority of forces personnel - you allow Glasgow to calculate your PAYE contributions; then you will have to trust that it will balance out at the end of the year ;-)

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