LSSA Question for the Un-initiated

My question is quite simply :-
If a Regiment/Unit is serving in the UK and a soldier is detatched from his/her Unit and atatched to another Unit while still serving in the UK is he/she entitled to LSSA ???
No, he should get GYH (D), presumably he is single? Also beware of the rule change wef 1 Sep on the new JSP Ch 1. Posting/Attachments now all Assignments and anything over 183 days is a permanent change of duty station.
Thanks for that Paymaster. I recieved neither LSSA or GYP while on attachment, but having said that I am married and was allocated and living in a married quarter at the time, so I can't see how GYP would be applicable. The only thing that I was receiving was RSPOD and meals allowance. As I understand it (and I could be way off the mark) if a soldier is serving at RD and is away from the duty station then LSSA will be paid ??????

How will the new rule change effect "black economy" posts? If after 183 days, would the soldier be RTU'd? or would the Assignment post start paying claims out of their budget etc?
From 1 Sep there will not be Posting Orders and Attachment Orders there will simply be Assigment Orders. If the AS is for more that 182 days then the individual will have changed his Permanent Duty Station and would not be eligable for Temporary Duty Allces.

More of a threat to the Black Economy is JPA as it is unclear how a JPA record without an LSN will be handeled.
So what happens if you are away on Ops for more than 182 days? Would you stop getting LSSA or are Ops exempt these Assignment Orders and the 182 day rule.
Ops are exempt and so are non accompanied stns.

Mutton, if you were accompanied at the Temporary Duty Stn then you are correct and would not receive GYH.

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