LSSA qualification

Anybody advise me what the rules are?

Just been on an Ex for 14 days and can't seem to get a definitive answer whether I get this or not. If I get this then I believe I loose RESPOD.

Clues please.
10 or more days entitles you to LSSA payment. RPOD will stop. Did you come home at any stage during the ex? Some units sneakily bring guys out of the field to prevent LSSA getting paid and NOOB sheets looking ridiculous.

Kind regards (and think about asking your own SPS people first)

First things first mate.

1. Have Field conditions been granted for the Exercise on your Unit part one orders ?

2. You WILL lose RPOD if you are on Exercise and in Field conditions which entitle you to claim LSSA.

3. Speak to your CSM/BSM/SSM to see if he has done the ration roll correctly and put you in field conditions for the period.

4. Go to your Admin office armed with this info and ask them to do the neccessary.
Thanks guys for the replies.

It was SPS who couldn't give me the definitive answer. Got different answers from different people!

Field conditions were not applicable in this case.

I'm sticking a claim in anyway to see what happens.

Field conditions matter for food and accom not LSSA, the rules are; if you are away for more than 10 days and cannot get back during periods of standown, LSSA is paid. If you could get back (i.e. a course were you are stood down at weekends) then you get Get You home detached duty. So if you were on Ex for 10 days you should get LSSA, no ifs or buts. RPOD stops for this period.

The rules for all these allowances are far too complicated, and it is getting changed, the LSSA bonuses and Get you home allowances will go (not RPOD), and a new Longer separated allowance will come in. This will pay us LSA at different levels depending on how many qual days you have. LSSA total days will transfer to the new scheme 1 for 1. No date yet but if you are close to a bonus I would get your days away in asap as when it starts the MOD line is tough luck if you are 1 day short..
Right, I need some help here.

I understand about the LSSA 10 days away stuff, but the whole 280 days in a two year period and 365 days in a two year period is so confucing that AGC staff don't understand it (I find this strange but correct me if I am wrong, that's there job!).

Is there a simple guide to this that would benefit the majority of the ARRSE memebrs who have been to hot, sandy and bogging places in the last few years! Even for the crows, now is about the time of these bonuses :?
The reason your SPS staff don't understand the rules is BECAUSE they are so complicated, but here goes.

You can receive an LSSA bonus if you do 280 days in two years, BUT the 2 years goes on a rolling period, so lets say, for example you received LSSA from 1 Jan 02 until 30 Jan 02, in total 30 days, that means that you have to do another 250 days LSSA qualifying service before 1 Jan 04(YOUR LSSA qualifying date) so you can receive the first bonus. Now heres where the problem is, You do a total total of 280 days by 31 July 03, so you should receive the first bonus, YOU NOW have to complete another 85 days BEFORE 1 Jan 04 to get your second bonus, BUT you only do 364 days. YOUR LSSA card is then reset completely, and the next time you receive LSSA, say 30 May this year, that date then becomes your new LSSA qualifying date and the two years begin again.

THAT is the regs simplified, you don't really want me to go into the two year rolling period and when your LSSA qual date is if you haven't received bonuses mate. But I hope this does help.
So, for example:

LSSA paid for the first time in Jun 03

LSSA 365 Bonus must be earned by Jun 05?

If the 365 isn't reached by Jun 05 the 2 year period goes to zero and starts again.

What is this rolling day for day thing everyone talks about with the two years sliding from the start date?
Cynical-Subbie said:
So, for example:

LSSA paid for the first time in Jun 03

LSSA 365 Bonus must be earned by Jun 05?

If the 365 isn't reached by Jun 05 the 2 year period goes to zero and starts again.

What is this rolling day for day thing everyone talks about with the two years sliding from the start date?
No. in this case if the 280 day bonus is not reached by Jun 05 then your two year period would move forward to the next time you received LSSA AFTER Jun 03. (For example Aug 03 - you would then have until Aug 05 to reach the 280 BUT the 30 days you have from Jun 03 would not be counted).

If say the 280 day mark was reached in Dec 04 (assuming it started in Jun 03) you would then have until Jun 05 to make up the remaining 85 days.
All is now clear on that one.

Could do with sending a Charlie Charlie Army about it as this is the first and only time it has ever been explained clearly and concisely.

Go to the top of the class!!!!
Many thanks jockmod69. Most helpful. For your explaination, take a short holiday........ did you enjoy it??

Hopefully, the new system will sort everything out.....

but I doubt it! Another way for the penny pinchers to screw the hard working soldiers!
I'm currently in dispute with my own Admin office, as I had to visit Afghanistan last June, and the whole trip took 11 days. They have refused an LSSA payment because they only count the qualifying time for LSSA as the time I actually spent in Afghanistan, and NOT the almost 3 days it took me to travel there and back.
I am naturally agrieved by this, as their own rules state it is paid for Ops, exercises, or any other duty away from the home base. It also states that it's payable if you can't get back home from where you are serving. Can anyone please tell me how the hell I'm supposed to get home when I'm sat in on a crappy military airfield in Bucharest waiting for my connecting flight to Kabul? They haven't heard the last of this. Grrrrr....
LSSA starts the day that you leave your duty station and stops the day you return to it, state that in the regulations.

If you get back at 1 minute to midnight you don't get it for that day, if you get back at 1 minute after midnight (2 minutes later) then you should.

Always get on the last bus from Brize/Hannover etc if the timings are going to be close !!!!! :D

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