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Looking for some advice here, backed up by the official line.

If a soldier or officer is on a course and his/her unit deploys to a new residential posting in Germany/Cyprus etc. during the time they are on the course, should the individual be paid LSSA from flag day onwards or do they actually have to set foot in Germany before going on the course to receive LSSA.

The reason being is that I have a number of soldiers that have been on a career course during the time the unit moved. It is my belief that they should be paid LSSA as they are away from their bed space.

Am I barking up the wrong tree?

Source is D/SP Pol All/300/1 dated 9 June 2004 [UNCLASS]

LSSA is payable to all personnel who have completed 12 months continuous service and who spend 10 days or more on temporary duty away from their permanent duty station. Basic rate is paid once 12 months service has been completed. After 300 accrued days at the basic rate the middle rate applies and after 300 accrued days at the middle rate the higher rate applies.
1. By my understanding (I'm not SPS) this is payable regardless of your duty station/country. Courses are temporary duty.

2. They would be entitled to receive 75% of LOA if they were overseas and then got sent to a course in Britain, and also get LSSA.

3. If they haven't started in the overseas station and haven't moved their family there it would be hard to justify 75% of LOA.

In either case LSSA would be payable.

If they are based in the UK they are also entitled to:

Mess Incidental Expenditure (MIE) for 30 days:

All personnel based in the UK serving on detached duty in the UK and staying in Single Service Accommodation.
but if the course includes periods of field conditions then they will not receive MIE for the time in the field but the 30 days counter restarts when they go back into camp.

It should be easier than this - i.e., you fcuking pay clerk should know!


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Many thanks for your reply. It seems that from what you have put, I should be able to justify the lads LSSA if not LOA. To be fair I had not really considered that but worth knowing for future reference.

I would like to think that my Pay Clerk should know but the pay mafia are currently being d!cks about it and saying that they shouldn't be paid LSSA.

Ta, time to start quoting a few publications at them!

Without all the details of each soldier's case can't give a definative answer but I would be pretty confident in saying yes. Justification is that they are on temporary duty away from their permanent duty station (for over 10 days) and travel home is precluded during periods of standown as home is now Germany. This is well within the spirit and scope of the allowance. RAAC Chapter 14 is the reference if your hard working AGC guys need a bit of clarification.

Of course this means that your guys on course will no longer be eligible for the GYH(D) they were getting before...... :twisted:
As far as I am aware - you get LSSA if you are away from your permenant duty station (you unit) and can't get back, for 10 days. You are then paid LSSA from the day you left.


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Ferg said:
Of course this means that your guys on course will no longer be eligible for the GYH(D) they were getting before...... :twisted:
They were not I am afraid. I have looked at the pay slips and they have just received a basic salary as they were receiving while in the UK.

No Get you home. (this is something I am going to have to look into)

I am concerned that if the soldiers had not joined the Unit before joining the course. e.g. Course start was early Jan, Flag day late Feb. Then they are not been classed as away from Unit and are in some sort of Limbo?

It seems your guys may be in limbo, but to be fair to your SPS lads it may not all be their fault. Questions:

1. Did your blokes book out with your Sqn/Coy clerk before going on course ? If not then the SPS rep obviously does not know where they are !!

2. If your blokes did book out, did they complete a temporary 9621 form which is an application for Get you home allowances ? If not then they will not get paid any GYH allowances.

3. Has your Coy/Sqn SM put your guys down on Unicom as being absent from unit ?

Seems you might have to sort a few problems ut regarding comms between people in your Unit.

Oh by the way, to answer your original question, your blokes are definately entitled to LSSA once your Unit threw up it's flag in Germany.
Ref LSSA whilst on tour/course etc. Heres one that might surprise a few people. They say you are paid for time away from your duty station. Well I was deployed to BATUS for 9 months on OPFOR from Germany. My wife live local so I stayed with her, my tour was extended resulting me being in BATUS for nearly 20 months. Everything was fine I recieved my 2nd bonus whilst there and moved onto the higher rate. Then some smart ass from the pay office told me I had to pay it back as my next of kin address and my wife were in the theatre as me and I wasnt entitled. Outcome was a mate sorted it out back in Germany and reimbursed me the amount on return to Germany. By the wasy they also told me I couldnt receive Married Acc LOA as I was on a single tour.
The GYH payments tend to screw things up a bit.

We're always told we can only get LSSA whilst in another theatre :( . If we're in the same theatre (and not on field conditions) we're told its GYH only (GYH(D) to be exact) :? . Trouble is, that's an allowance paid to allow you to get home (der.. :roll: ) but whilst detached on duty - whatever the theatre - if we're on duty we can't get home! :evil:

These allowances must save millions :!:
Your next of kin address has nothing to do with LSSA !!

If you are separated from your Duty Station for 10 days or more and travel home is precluded during periods of standdown then you are entitled to claim LSSA.

It makes no odds that you are living locally with your wife in Canada, unles you are posted there that is !! 8O
Like I said , I was on 6 month back to back postings, each posting was unnacompanied, however, I stayed with my wife but they still tried to take lssa off me, and also told me I couldnt get accompanied loa or a 1/4

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