LSSA Getting Scrapped ?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by hey-up-cheeky, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. Does any know if LSSA is getting scrapped because of this new Tax back bonus ? Heard a rumour in work the other day hopefully it was just a rumour as i feel we would be getting shafted out of some cash.

    Your help in this matter is appreciated .
  2. One of the lads told me the same thing.
  3. No, LSSA is being replaced by LSA when JPA rolls out. You will be better off. LSA has 14 levels not the 3 LSSA has (Levels 1 - 3 of LSA are the same as our current 3 LSSA levels.) Level 14 is over £25 a day
  4. How much time on SPTA/Iraqistan do you need for that badboy though?
  5. It's as now, 300 days between levels
  6. I understand about the new LSSA system, however this "rumour" has come about after that. Just dont want to be screwed by army penny pinching, when the older system is far more beneficial than the tax back scheme !
  7. I suppose you should always abide by the aying "never say never", but they have just changed the LSA rules to make it even better by removing the 100 day qualifying rule wef 01 Apr 07, so I dont see them scrapping it
  8. So for level 14 you'd need to have spent 13 years away? Thats an incentive isnt it? :roll:
  9. 12 years 8O according to a briefing t'other day.

    Sneaky sods will raise the threshold on level 3 to 700 days as well!!

    But its not a costcutter!!!

    Unless you know that a high percentage of young uns leave at 5 years :roll:

    Oooohh I feel soiled, posting in here :wink:

  10. So, since I was due to qualify for LSSA around 5th April 07 (after receiving two bounties in the TA), will I now qualify for LSA from that same date, without having to do an initial 100 days in theatre? :D ?
  11. Let's face it, we always get shafted. It's the natural order of things. Politicians don't get rich by paying squaddies/nurses/pensioners decent amounts of cash!

    Yay....13 years away. That'll cheer the wife up!
  12. I am not "at the coal face any more" so to spea but from what I have read, thats correct. No more 100 days qualifying for anyone.

    Re getting shafted, I know what you mean, but the best you can do is be philisophical and say it is an improvement on the old LSSA with only 3 levels
  13. The cynic in me says that they aren't changing the system to pay out more money - rather as a cost-cutting exercise. What Gordon gives with one hand, he takes back with t'other.
  14. Almost certainly, the best you can probably hope for is that he takes it back from some other pot (Smokers for example if you don't smoke, petrol if you dont drive much) but someone somewhere is going to pay for it :D
  15. Actually the cynic in me is saying, its all a government plot to keep the lads happy, because the increased LSA is still a dam sight cheaper than funding extra regiments to reduce Inter Tour intevals. SO pay the lads more money to keep them away longer and more often and try and take peoples eye off the real ball that is the Overstretch