Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by numbered_3, Oct 13, 2006.

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  1. I know i should probably direct this at my clerk, however due to my being on leave im sure somebody on here could answer!
    Just wondering how many LSSA Days do you have to accumulate before moving onto the higher rate?
  2. Wah????

    What the hell, it used to be 600+ days. From April 2006, to qualify for the same rate you need 700+. (12.82)
  3. When JPA comes in there will be more than 3 levels (basic, middle and higher). It will be called LSA, Longer Separation Allowance and there are 14 levels. You will move onto next level in multiple of 300 days.
    If you need anymore info Army Net - Allowances

    Chapter 5, Section 1 has all the info you need, if not PM me and I will help you.
  4. everyone recieved a credit of 100 days wef 1 april which will be reflectd when jpa comes onto line...

    then you move up every 300 days there are 14 levels

    anyone joining the service from 1 april will have to complete 100 days lsa days before being starting to accumulate their days

    for more clarification you can look at jsp 752
  5. Bit of a downer for a new guy, who go on an Op tour and then have to wait until he's done 101 days before he gets any money! Talk about incentives.
  6. If aforementioned guy goes on a tour and only completes 101 days he's getting off lightly.

    A 3 month tour anybody?
  7. Yup! I did 6 weeks on Telic 1. Got back with £530 in LSSA owed to me. They took all but £32 off me in rent arrears i didn't even know i owed. Not even so much as an offer of taking it off me in installments. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: