LSSA bonus under JPA

Not sure if this has been asked before, but could not see it, so here goes.
I am aware at present that the 280 day rule applies in the rolling two year period to get the LSSA bonus; does anyone know for fact as to when this is to stop?
I know that the full force of the JPA does not come in till March 07, but that some of the rules are applying now. Only asking as I am about to qualify and would like to know if the system is about to sh@ft me yet again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I got the AT bonus recently - £1350 before Mr Tax man took his pound of flesh. I don't know for definite but if you haven't qualified before this 05/06 tax year you 'may' be screwed! I am waiting to find out about the AT+ as that crosses the tax year...

...I'll keep you informed!
You're safe for the time being. LSSA rules won't change until the Army goes "Live", which at the moment isn't until Mar 07.

So any bonuses earned before then will be OK. :D
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