Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by The_Jedi_Who_Is_Bored, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. Hi there, I have just qualified (or have I?) for first LSSA bonus, I know that this is finishing but I can't find out any information on when or indeed if it has already? I have trualled through army.mod and army net but I can't seem to find an answer. I am currently on tour at the moment at an out det so it is kinda hard to find it out. Any help would be great, Cheers
  2. For the Army the bonus stops on the transition to LSA under JPA - Mar/Apr 07 so if you have qualified now you will be OK - Your RAO need to submit the paperwork to Glasgow, this should hapen automatically when they update LSSA cards as required monthly for those in issue!! but it is worth checking if you can get a message to them somehow!
  3. Thanks for that, so when I get back from tour I should have both that money and the "tax free bonus" to look forward to :)
  4. DOes any one know how much the bonus is, again I am struggling to find information about it as SLA and JPA keep on butting there nose in!!
  5. i believe its 2200 for a six month tour. roughly 12 quid a day tax free obviously
  6. Fredy - you are confusing the LSSA bonus with the new operational bonus intriduced wef 1 Apr 06 2 different things - the operational bonus is £12.31 per day (tax free) and is only paid in in certain theatres. The LSSA AT bonus is £1350.00 (Taxable) and is payable regardless of theatre, if you are somewhere hot and sandy you could well quailfy for both!!
  7. Well...Cold and Sandy indeed. Including the LSSA bonus I should be looking at getting just under 3k (after the tax of the LSSA). Nice trip to Australia here I come :)
  8. Cheers for the info Paywog
  9. one of my guys will qualify for his LSSA bonus on 29 Mar 07 (no, i'm not kidding). he won't return from the exercise until into april.

    will he still be eligible, and will he be okay to claim for it even after implementation of JPA?
  10. Simalar on mine I've just qualified for my first bonus but have just been extended for the second time so won't finish tour till June, so after POTL won't be in unit till August.

    Am I also right in thinking (My clerks weren't sure when I asked them) that the bonuses are 280 days and 365 days? If so I would be due the second the day after JPA is meant to arrive. Great fun
  11. I have looked in to this a fair bit and unfortunetly I have just missed out, as I was on a load of gay exercises from Jan to Mar 05 so these have been knocking my total down to under 300. Although i am now on medium band pay I will not qualify for my bonus.

    I asked my clerks about it and he brought it on screen and showed me a kind of databse view of my lssa days. You don't have to sign for as it will automatically register you as having qualified so as long as you qualify before Apr 07 then you should be fine. Although I am told that you may have to remind them that they owe you the money.
  12. I believe that between the last TSR, 13 March 07, until JPA Roll Out, 26 March 07, we will have to use a manual JPA Spread Sheet to publish all our occourences, which I presume will have to go to JPAC. This just gets better and better :frustrated:
  13. Last possible transmission to Glasgow via UNICOM is 2 Mar first "hands on" on JPA is 12 Apr everything in the interim is via manual spreadsheets sent to JPAC.
  14. I was told that 02 March 07 has now slipped to 13 March 07, you may want to check, I believe that this is due to technical difficulties, however, I am more inclined to believe that JPAC wish to reduce the amount of manual transmissions inbound. :shakefist:
  15. This will be one of those "set in stone" dates then?????!!!