Does anyone know how long it takes to get LSSA AT bonus? I hit the required amount of days last October and still no sign of it. Why can't APC get it's act together?
Get onto your admin office, you may have "slipped through the cracks" I got mine about a month after I hit the number of days required :roll:
LSSA AT is paid once you have reached 280 days IN A TWO YEAR PERIOD. Don't fall into the trap of believing that once it says 280 days on your pay statement then that is when you will get it. The figure on your pay statement is cumulative throughout your career and merely records ALL the days you have received LSSA.

Your admin office should have a separate LSSA card for recording your eligibility for LSSA AT and LSSA AT+ (365 days). If in doubt ask to see it.
I am aware of the requirements, I've got 300 days LSSA in the last 2 year period. It was confirmed to me 4 months ago by my unit I was entitled to the AT bonus and they would submit paperwork for it, but I've still not got it. Getting increasingly miffed at this to say this least.
It is the unit's responsibility to submit this paperwork. Start kicking some arrse, 4 months is taking the piss!


Joker said:
Get onto your admin office, you may have "slipped through the cracks" :roll:
Judging by the recent KRH bonking case, there is quite a lot that 'slips though the cracks' with AGC(SPS) warrant officers
I only waited around 10 months for my two bonuses,i wonder how long they would have waited to take money from me if i owed them?
Still waiting. I did e-mail Soldier magazine a few weeks ago and got a call from a Major at Land. He said he would contact RAO at Bn HQ. On my next visit to Unit admin I was asked if I had spoken to anyone about this and confirmed I had spoken to Major at Land. I was then questioned if I had contacted him. I replied no, that it had been the result of contacting Soldier. Don't think they were too happy with that and asked why I had contacted Soldier. On explaining that 6 months waiting on bonus was taking the mick she went all defensive.
Like everything in our unit she (an AGC stripey) wants to control everything. I had been waiting over a year for my Kosovo medal which she was meant to be sorting out. I got the Phone number for the unit, called them up and got it in the post 2 days later.
My latest problem with her has been my MFO box, ie where is it and when am I going to get it back. Because they don't know/care how to do things I am sorting things out myself. I am then told to go through unit. Unless they sort their act out I'll do it myself, at least I'll know it is getting sorted then.
Fair play to you. An old OC of mine declared at the end of a set of prayers, "The Admin Office is a cancer and like all cancers it must cut out"
We were lucky in my unit as a new RAO took over , and kicked some arrses. It has been all good since!
sickboy said:
I only waited around 10 months for my two bonuses,i wonder how long they would have waited to take money from me if i owed them?
Reading this somewhat old thread made me chuckle. I had a switched on Ch Clk who noticed that I was eligible for LSSA (AT) a couple of years ago. He produced the paperwork and sent it off to Glasgow. However, it got lost in the system and after a couple of months he rang them. They claimed not to have received the paperwork, and asked him to fax them a copy.

This they received and shortly afterwards I received my LSSA(AT) payment not once, but two times! So, £1000 overpaid in effect. I noticed this and was not surprised that they took this off me in one go on the very next pay statement.

Time taken to get LSSA(AT) - over 2.5 years.
Time taken to repay extra LSSA(AT) - under 45 days.

Great system isn't it? However, still chuffed with the switched on Clerk who spotted the eligibility in the first place. So overall, mustn't grumble, although wife spent LSSA(AT) (both payments) before I could warn her that it was likely to come off my monthly pay!
Kel, I hope you have got this sorted by now - this sort of stuff makes my ears bleed!

Soldier_Why is perfectly correct. This is a unit matter and a unit reponsibility. However tempting it may be to launch into APC Glasgow (and believe me when I say it's extremely tempting at times), your sub-unit clerk should initially have indentified that you were due your LSSA bonus. This seems to have happened.

However, until JPA (hahahahahaha!) comes fully online (or until the Army starts treating its' SPS clerks like adults), all pay issues like this must be manually transmitted to Glasgow, by fax; electronically; and by your FSA/similar (depends who you are etc). This is where the log-jam usually occurs.

Keep harassing your 'stripey' - sometimes it's the only way - unfortunately. :D
i hear wat ur saying, its taken me 7 years to get ma bonuses, i have one as far back as oct 99 then another one in 01 and an (AT+) a few months after that, so i must congratulate ma new pay sgt she's only been in job 2months and she noticed it straight away :D good drills a nice extra wad of cash wen ur getting out is more than appreciated.

You did really well - LSSA AT/AT+ were only introduced from 1 Jan 2000 I'd keep an eye out over my shoulder if I were you!

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