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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Dinga, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. i left the army in 2003 and was called up in 2005 and volenteered for iraq again in 2006 both summer tours. well i acumilated 658 days, since that tour i rejoined in 2008 given a new service number, they told me my lssa would carry over. But it hasnt 10 months of being back in i been told yes i should get the back pay and a Istar has been sent up to JPA now after 100 days lssa at the lower rate and yet another tour just started i still have\nt got any back pay. does anyone think i will get it? by my reakoning i should be on 758 days as of today. yet im still on lower pay where i think i should be on 12 quid extra a day?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. If this is true as what you say the answer is yes. Its called an I-support - your Hr admin can square this away for you.
  3. so i wasnt dupped then, should it take 10 months plus tho as i been in the pay office every month now everytime he says the i suport thing should be in if he resends it will cancle the 1st one sent im getting pretty stressed now as im away from my sqn office and im owed like way back from 3 months in canada and Optag exs at middle rate and now im missing out on high rate too! so cannot winge at the two in our pay office!!!

    Im so stressed haha
  4. Dinga, I wouldn't like to say what will happen with regards to getting your previous days added; however there is no lower/middle/higher rate anymore. Instead there are about 20 levels (I'm sure a guru will correct this, but I'm sure it's in the right sort of ball park), you go up each level every 300 days still but no longer receive the accumulated turbulence bonuses. The first 3 equate to the previous middle/lower/higher and then increase until you have spent so long out of your home station you won't have a life to spend your much earned money in!
  5. There is no way this should have taken so long - isupports are supposed to be turned around within 10 working days not months - who raised the isupport - you or your HR admin on your behalf? was it done over the phone or on the system? what response has been received? - give me as much info as you can and I'll try to point you in the right direction to get sorted!!

  6. HR Admin and SPVA/JPAC do not have the means to put on the missing LSA days to the count. What you need is your last pay statement from your previous service showing how many days you had before discharge, show this to your unit HR Admin and ask them to put it on a Tiger Team Query form and submit through their ICT/Bde. The JPA Tiger Team have the skill set to adjust your count.
  7. This happened to me took ages to sort out, print off your last pay statement from 2003 with your lssa days on it, you can find a copy on Armynet if you dont have it (thats where I got mine) give it to your clerk and they will raise it with jpac, they wont let you raise an isupport thing! you will eventually get your days and any back dated pay you are owed.
  8. Can't help if you don't give any info!!

  9. As I said before JPAC/SPVA can't help. So an isupport will not help you. Provide the evidence to your unit HR Admin and ask them to raise a JPA Tiger Team Query (TTQ). They do have the skill set to get this sorted. A TTQ must be submitted through the ICT/Bde, your RAWO will know the escalation route. Trust me, it works, and yes, all payments will be backdated, they will pick up on the retro runs.
  10. My post was to dinga who started this thread - it's normally a good plan to have as much info at hand as poss before giving advice!!

  11. You certainly do, just no-one knows how to do it that's all. Unfortunatly this is another casualty of HR not having any training for thir job. When I get in on Mon, I will post how to change the LSSA days, you can then take it to your unit HR dinga.

    The back pay for the difference in rates that you have had up until now, should be much easier to sort, once you are in reciept of the correct rate of LSA
  12. John (jt9563), come on mate. If you have a way to do this let us know. The only way I know is via a TAS application and not HR Admin. If you have found a way that HR Admin can do this then you need to publish it.
  13. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I would love a copy of that. Are you on DII(F)?
  14. Sry about the wait, I will get round to it guys, I'm just hanging out my bum atm - Silly season and all that
  15. JT9563, called your bluff on this one fella. You can't do it through HR Admin, stop blagging giving out rubbish advice. As I have said many a time before, the only way to get this sorted is via the Tiger Team. Give us a ring at work if you wish to discuss further, you now have my number via that e mail I sent you.