LSL / Veng(LC) 2011 Posting Plot Freeze

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by JonnyAlpha, Dec 7, 2010.

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  1. Hi;

    Apparently the LSL / Veng(LC) 2011 posting plot has been frozen due to an emerging DM(A) policy, anyone know what that emerging policy is?

    If its to stop moving people around to save money then cool!! however if its to stop moving people around because we are going to make them redundant then not so cool??

  2. JA,

    I for one am on that plot, I have been told to wait out!! That does not help really as I have a runout date for next year or I hope a new post!!!! I am taking the line that I am going to be let go therefore have done all my resettlement and have all paperwork for pension etc submitted. I would advise people in that situation to get on the resettlement road.
  3. With immediate effect the 2011 Posting Plot is frozen (some AOs have already been issued and they remain extant). In light of the emerging DM (A) policy the intent is to now go through the Posting Plot and determine which moves are still feasibly possible based on the remaining service of individuals. We will be contacting you and your employer in the near future to discuss the options that are available. Inevitably there will be some posts that will be gapped based on the Army Manning Priorities (AMP); however, this may take some time to confirm.

    If you are involved in the 2011 Posting Plot you will now have obvious concerns regarding your future career and personal circumstances; I will endeavour to confirm exact details as soon as possible.

    Although I would not want to deter any of you from contacting the APC and I welcome all phone calls, I would ask that you to be patient and give the team a chance to try and work out the best way forward.

    Details of Cohort 3 will be distributed in the near future by a newsletter.
  4. Yeh I got some very vague answers myself along the lines that the posting plot freeze is to sort out individuals with insufficient residual service, so if I was a betting man they are going to start looking into whether or not they should grant new or extension to existing Veng(LC) contracts before raising assignment orders.

    Its a fair shout, but rather than get rid of experienced soldiers (40 - 50 bracket) maybe they should focus on some senior (past their sell by date) officers, oh I forgot they are the ones signing off the policy!!!

    My Veng(LC) first term ends 2014 so I may be moved in 2011 or they may decide not to move me to save money as wherever I go I will be in my last three years unless by some miraculous turn of fate the grant me another Veng(LC) contract?!?!??!
  5. JA, I have read into it that those who have runout dates next year will be on their way out, me included, I would love to have the extra 3yrs to take me to 55 though. I am still on LSL and not Veng (L) though. Maybe though they may look at not bringing anymore onto the list and just keep those in post and move others to cover the losses expected!! But hey we know they never think like this.
  6. I hear details were released today for 12 lucky souls.
  7. That's me Fecked then!! I heard nothing. ha ha ha
  8. I think you find that they may have been given their 12 months notice! If you get a phone call from the 'Man on the Desk' and it's bad news, then that's when your 12 months will commence, your EOT date is not your last day. DM (A) are trying to reduce the notice period down to 6 months, but our man in Glasgow has fought that stupid idea.
  9. Still awaiting the outcome of this and have been told that it will be well into the new year! Although they will have to give you 12 months notice to leave if you are one of the unlucky ones.
  10. It could be as late as 'May', that would tie in with the Redundancy/Pension announcement due in April and the what the Army will be like in July!
  11. VTT, Aye, I recieved a discharge letter the other day as my Runout date is in 2011 but OC rang Glasgow as i had all my dates planned and handed in to them, he told her tell him to get Fecked until I tell him, he is going nowhere! Que big laughs as they rubbed the board with all my dates off, I was due to start termintion leave etc on 30th Mar!!!!
  12. Has anyone else recieved a 12 Months notice to terminate letter??
  13. I along with the other 33 via email. The only advice I can give out, is to inform your COC, if you haven't done so by now. Send a reply to the email & just say 'have recieved', don't get into a bun fight/long letter with the desk. Let the COC deal with this. Good luck lads.
  14. No comments (yet) slagging off LSL & VEng or the thought that they exist at all? Normally takes about 2 posts before NRPS or CS get a slagging!
  15. So let me get this one hand you can be awarded an MSM and in the other 12 months notice to quit! WTF is going on? Glad I'm going TBH the rot has really set in.