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Discussion in 'Medals' started by Jaffa33*, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. Just a quick question on my honours and awards on my JPA i have qualified for my LS and GC medal and was just wondering am I entitled to wear my miniature medal now. I have a summer ball coming up and don't want to get fined for being incorrectly dressed
  2. Yes you are allowed considering it can take months to receive your full size medal. Once you've qualified you've qualified whether you have the full size medal in your possession or not.
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  3. Thanks very much for the reply my full size one is with the clerks at the moment but I have got to wait for a VIP to present it to me.
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  4. Isn't Long Service and Good Conduct an oxymoron. Or is it just me?
  5. I wouldn't call you a moron. Spotty or otherwise.
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  6. You haven't got one then?
  7. My !5 year point was 28 Jul - just checked JPA ... nothing. Did yours come through automatically on JPA (Awards/Notifications)?
  8. I checked my date as a result of another LSGC post last week and it appeared in my workflow notifications approx 2-3 months after I had reached the 15 year point; not immediately as I had thought.

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  9. Na, didn't get the police version either.

    Everyone hates me!:x
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  10. type your regy number in here to see if its been awarded on paper, least you'd have backup if the need arises

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    LS&GC awards appear here
  11. I think mine came through after a wait of a few weeks. I've that many its all a bit of a blur now. They didnt hang about with my QGM/Bar though.
  12. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    It's not automatically uploaded onto JPA. Your SFA should maintain a list of those due, dates etc. As each approaches they'll be put forward to the CO for approval. This is then entered onto your docs as the qualification criteria and the application is made on your behalf to the Medal Office.

    In short, don't just assume that once you've done the time you're permitted to wear. The final approval lies with your CO.
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  13. Don't know if its different in the Army but in the Andrew we had to Request for it.
  14. I got the LSGCA myself...Last Seen Getting Clean Away!
  15. David Cameron - That is no longer the system, all done automatically on JPA now, CO gets workflow, checks with SSA that there are defo no skeletons, approves, then appears in the individuals workflow, medal issued, Medal office stick it in your Hons and awards on JPA (in theory, reality is that i have seen medals arrive before the workflow!!)

    However, you are bang on, don't assume you can have it until the CO has approved the award.

    To the OP - if it has been approved, get your minatures done, certainly my last badge would check if someone awaiting presentation of said bauble had put their minature on and fine accordingly.
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