LSGC is it worth it?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by leprichaun, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. A medal for being in for 15 years is bit like a blue peter badge, don't you think?
  2. No it just shows you had the Brains not to get caught
  3. its a very good gong to have, a lot of people say gongs mean nothing when youre out, having a LS&GC actually shows a possible employer that you are either trustworthy or a damn good bluffer, both highly sought after traits. You may think thats bollox but believe me its true.
  4. Only if your employer knows anything about the subject. I've never ben asked by anyone at interview what medals I have or indeed for a look at my red book.
  5. Depends on how you would describe worth. A time served medal could also be said to include campaign medals, which also require a qualifying time period but many people would dispute its equivalence with a blue peter badge.

    Interesting to hear that no one has asked for a Red Book, I pretty much took it as read that no one would be overly interested in medals etc, but the supposed record of service not even been enquired over.......
  6. I have it mentioned on my CV, they always ask what its for, if you dont advertise it yourself they arent going to look!
  7. Not quite sure all those people that have to write grovelling redress letters, for crimes they were caught out for before they realised the error of their ways, would agree.

    Whilst not actively sought by all, the LS&GC is a mark of hard work and endeavour and also a certain amount of ingenuity on the part of the individual that earned it - 15 years of undetected crime is sometimes no walk in the park :?

    Anyway it's a good excuse to crowbar yourself into the "Ginger Drinking Tracksuit" for a good old fashioned all dayer! :relax:
  8. Medals of any type have never interested me.
  9. I've found that the only ones who moan about the LS&GC are the ones who aren't entitled to wear it...

  10. I've found that the only ones who moan about medals in general are those who aren’t entitled to wear them (haven’t got any) :? :?
  11. My previous CO preparing to present me with my LS&GC, a very proud moment...

  12. well i have another couple of years to go before i get mine however i have fcuked up a few times in my time but thankfully no one has ever found me guilty so to be honest i cant wait to get5 the thing on my chest just to give somthing more to clean
  13. Why wait 15 years for a medal when you can get sent to an Op theatre for 30 days and get one.......

    It all depends on your outlook and more often than not whether you were caught as a young lad enjoying squaddie life.

    Doomandgloom is that a fine Ridgeback I see on Shovel patrol??
  14. Medals - pieces of tin and ribbon!!
  15. Well it is not called the Long Service and (not) Getting Caught for nothing.

    Pity me 'cos I ain't got one.
    Refused point blank to grovel for something I did when I was 19 just to get another medal.

    Mind you if it had come with a nice cash bonus, which I think it should, then I would have grovelled with the best of them. :)