LSGC eligibility.

Discussion in 'Medals' started by phil37, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. Would a 3 month warning order and/or 50 quid fine from the CO in basic training prevent me from getting the LS and GC?
  2. oldbaldy

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    Regt entry?
  3. Couldn't honestly say. Considering the number of 252s and consequent fines I picked up in my first unit - at Sqn rather than Regt level, the award of the medal came as a bit of a surprise. If you were a bit naughty at Basic I can't see it following you around forever.

    NB Usual disclaimers apply, this being Arrse.
  4. It depends if it was a regt entry or not. If not then it shouldn't be on your conduct sheet, especially as company conduct sheets don't follow you onwards from training. I got 8 days ROPs, in trg, then £100 fine as a full screw and still got one. As long as the CO recommends you you should be ok.
  5. one year clear of entries on company conduct sheet, post-training - sheet destroyed. It doesn't matter if you have entries of a Regt sort, the application must be made at the 14 yr, 1 day point. It's the recommendation and decision of the board that gets you the gong. Good luck..
  6. Not strictly correct, Any Regt Entry could sway the person making the recommendation one way or another (if you didn;t have a regt Entry it wouldn't matter), or as happened in several cases I dealt with some years ago, despite being recommended by the CO, the Board decided against awarding LS&GC due to the Regt Entries held. So of course matters if you have Regt Entries.
  7. Confusingly, QRs paras 5.393 to 5.396 refer mostly to regimental entries, but then require the CO to state he has scrutinised both AF B 120 (regimental conduct sheet) and AF B 121 (company conduct sheet).

    QRs also state that:

    Good luck!
  8. Phil37,

    Even if you're not eligible it's not the end of the world, it's one less gong to polish and not being awarded it has never hurt any career of many a WO1/2 that I know.

    Good luck.
  9. Not really relevent to me (left at the 13 year point), but i am curious nevertheless..

    I recieved a regimental entry (must have been as I was charged by the CO?) at 17 years of age for getting a tattoo (a horrible rendition of a cartoon Tony the Tiger, although when I was 17 it looked more like a piece of Mystical Samurai artwork).

    Anyway, that was the whole of my criminal career in Her Majesty's finest.

    Would that have prevented me from recieving the coverted LSGC, or would it be worth me reinlisting for another 524 days so I can feel complete?
  10. No need. I can rent you mine for a reasonable sum.
  11. what about a QGJM?
  12. Just because you were seen for a charge before the CO does not necessarily mean his award was a Regimental Entry. He may have given you a punishment which was below that considered to be a Regimental Entry (i.e he may have only given you 5 days ROPs and not the 14 days ROPs which constitute a Regimental Entry (forgive me if I am wrong in the amount of ROPs which are a Regimental Entry - it has been some time since I dealt with this)).
  13. I see. I got seven days and £150. At the time he threatened to kick us out; I for one was very glad of the punishment (seemed light compared to a discharge!). On reflection I wonder of it was a tad harsh (£150 was half a months wage back then!). Then again, the rules were made clear to us. I chose to break them. If I had known I woulda stayed in for that little bit longer :roll:
  14. Regrettably not. But if you were to simply be in the right place at the right time, a QGM could be yours just for being there.
  15. Mate, as Tommo says you don't need it anyway.

    It never did my career any harm not having the LS&GC.

    I'm getting Full Corporal next week after 21 years.
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