LSGC after Rejoining.

Discussion in 'Medals' started by MarkM-D, Sep 30, 2011.

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  1. I had served in the military for over 13 years and left the forces for a couple of years and then rejoined. I have now gone over the 15 years that are required for the LSGC. Does anyone know if I am entitled to this medal any more or am I just clutching at straws?
  2. I think you need a clerk to help, but the keyword you're probably after is if they use the word "Continuous".
  3. Nope. Your're not eligible.

    You need 15 years continous service, ie in one block. You left at 13, you need to 15 years from the date of your remount... may not be possible.

    You might be eligible for the battle of diamond jubilee though. Nt sure on the rules for that.
  4. The odd thing is it says 'reckonable' which surely would include ALL time from 18 to whatever years. regardless of time out... but I am pretty sure it has to be continous.
  5. Incorrect it only counts as a break in service if its over a certain length of time (for the life of me I cant remember how long it is) so if he could get it deppending on the length of time he was out ...... as long as his conduct was good
  6. You are eligible. I was out for four years after 10 years and 86 days reckonable service. I came back in 2004 and applied for and recieved my LSGC in 2009. Speak to your RAO and fill in the form.
  7. Para 5, annex A (LSGC) JSP 761 (Honours and Awards in the Armed Forces)

    "5. A break in service (note, not a break in conduct) that is not due to dismissal,
    sentence of imprisonment, or other misconduct, will not be considered as breaking the
    continuity of VG and CC-free/Irreproachable/Exemplary service but time spent outside
    the Service will not count towards the length of service qualifying criterion. Service in
    the Reserve Forces during a break in service will not count towards the length of service
    qualifying criterion for the Medal."

    So, provided your conduct in the 13 year and 2 year periods are up to standard then you are eligible
  8. Sorry I've not been back here I have been out in the field.
    Thanks for all the advice on this and yes I will be taking it up with the RAO.
    I have an exemplary conduct and will post on the outcome. Once again thanks for all your input.

    Quis Separabit
  9. 15 Dec 1989 to 29 Nov 1999 (8 Years from 18 - 2 Years boy service) in the Army then Civ Div rejoining 29 Mar 2009 until present, Royal Navy.
    Do I get a LSGC in 2016?
  10. Yes, assuming you have no regimental entries. I also had a career break and received the LS&GC after 15 years total.