LSE -this the best they could find?

See that the London School of Economics - that bastion of deep thought -has lowered its standards and gone for the high profile publicity student over the serious types..
They got 92 applications and accepted 16 the most prominent of which is the blue dree, ciger lady who brought Clinton to his knees [ or she was on on hers making his legs quiver ]
Yes.. monice herslef will now be graving the institute of higher learning and the streets of ol' London town..

enjoy, least the paparazzi will have some extra employment opportunities..
The LSE is actually a very good university. Not like many of the fish and chip uni's which smear the academic landscape.
Did you know that they named a computer virus after her? The WM-97 Lewinsky virus. It sucks all the memory out of your hard drive, then e-mails all it's mates to tell them.

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