LSD and performance

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by gunnerfalkey, Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. Had a mate suggest to me that LSD acts much like a steroid, in fact the last marathon he did he looked weird as hell as he hit the finish, he was laughing and giggling like a girl whilst everyone else was breath out their arrse. A few pills fell out his pocket and he confessed that throughout the marathon he had been tripping. Is he speaking crap? I've never seen anything like it. He was like a machine.

    And will CDT pick up LSD, and more importantly (sorry a bit unrelated) Rohypnol?

    Thanks in advance giz.


  2. Please tell me this is a wahh.

    LSD is an awful drug as well as getting the initial trip, year after you last take it you can suddenly start tripping again due to the time LSD stays in your sytem for. As well as that it puts incredible stress on your heart due to increased heart rate for a prolonged period of time. In addittion to all this is you were on LSD there is no way on this Gods Earth you would be in any condition to run a marathon, or do pretty much anything for that fact.

    Asfor showing on a drugs test i dont know.

  3. The aformentioned lad is a senior fitness instructor in London, he spent 9 years studying sports sceincez and nutiriton so he does know his stuff. He even broke down the science behind it, apparently "beta 2" enzymes stimulate the kardio system, so you can work harder and grow more portien. the conceptsounded great.
  4. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    This has got to be a wah.

    Or your mate is not much of a mate. And you are a fool for believing his s hit.
  5. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    To be honest I'd imagine it would depend on two factors.

    A.) How used he was to the 'ritual' of running and exercise.

    B.) How used he was to hallucinogens.

    If he scored high for both factors, there's no reason why it wouldn't be a walk (OK perhaps a jog) in the park.
  6. Wikipedia has a whole page for LSD, some of it might be factual, some maybe not so much.

    Apparently the detection time for LSD is 24 - 72 hours.

    Why are you interested? Planning on taking a trip for new year?
  7. I dont think this was proper LSD, i did it for years when i was younger, and if you get the real stuff theres no way you would leave the house let alone run, my eyes are still sensitive to light 20 years later, and i have to drive the car with the sun visa down even at night time due to the brightness of the street lights, tell him to give it a miss, its not worth it.
  8. I can pretty much guarantee it will show up on a CDT.

  9. Nah just curious mate. You know "the edge", everyones after it, anyone that can give it to me, and i will take it gladly.
  10. Are you for real? Why are you asking if it can be detected on a CDT? You're not even in the Army yet, but this is your second thread asking how you can buck the system so you can wear green whilst being a junkie.
  11. Yes - CDT picks up LSD. I have friends who tripped on it - still having flashbacks 8 years later. If you are fancying being date-raped, get some Rohypnol down your neck - not too many other reasons for you to use it.

    If your mate is using LSD, he is a liability. If you think he is talking sense, you are stupid and so is he. I spend enough time around drugs, dealers, users and Drug Squad in a professional basis to know you are heading for a bad time if you start taking advice like that.

  12. Mite just stik to d3h Weigh Proteins then. I think you could be write. :( Thnx xx
  13. I sense a great disturbance in the Wah... :roll: