Anybody know why Im not entitled to LSAP just because the house im buying is within 50 miles of the one ive sold? ive been told im not but not the reason why.
The rules.

JSP 752, Chapter 2, Section 4

02.0422. Qualification. A LSAP will not be authorised for Service personnel wishing to purchase a property within 50 miles of a property owned or partly owned by them within the previous 12 months or at any time during the current assignment. However, the applicant is not disqualified where the property from which they are moving is more than 50 miles from their next duty station. The application must qualify within one of the categories detailed at sub-paragraphs 02.0422a and b (unless qualifying under paragraph 02.0423 or sub-paragraph 02.0439b):

a. Purchase of a Residence at Work Address (RWA).

(1) Where the property is to be occupied as a RWA during a current assignment, the applicant must have an expectation of at least 6 months left to serve in that assignment.

(2) Where the property is to be occupied as a RWA during the applicant’s next assignment, they must have received official notice of such an assignment and the assignment must be for a minimum period of 6 months.

b. Purchase of a Selected Place of Residence (SPR).

(1) The applicant must certify (on the application form) that they wish to purchase a SPR; and

(2) The applicant should further certify that receipt of a LSAP for purchase of a SPR will disqualify them from any further LSAP.

(3) However, where the applicant has received official notification of a designated unaccompanied assignment, or notification of a sea assignment of at least 12 months duration, or they have at least 6 months left to serve in such an assignment, they will not be disqualified from receiving further LSAP under the provisions of sub-paragraph 02.0422b(2).
You must also bear in mind the aim of LSAP:

02.0401. Aim. The aim of Long Service Advance of Pay (LSAP) is two fold:

a. To assist eligible personnel to enter the housing market; and/or

b. To help meet housing needs arising from changing personal circumstances during an applicant’s Service career.
It is not just a loan to help you move up the housing ladder and I am guessing that you do not meet any of the 2 criteria at para 02.0401.
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