Sorry if this has been posted before, but how long should I expect to wait for an application to go through? I applied a month ago, and last week my paperwork was stuck in RHQ. My mortgage providers are getting a little impatient, as I intend to use this for my deposit.
To let you know, once the paperwork has been signed by the RMO (your responsibility) it has to be signed by the CO and the RAO/FSA. Once this has been done it should be posted (recorded) to AFPAA (C) in Gosport who deal entirely with LSAP. The forms can also be faxed to them to rush the process through, but they will still need the original forms to be sent as well.

I have processed 3 recently and they have only taken between 2-3 weeks from despatching to Gosport getting intouch with the solicitor. Be aware that your unti will only receive a ghost copy of the first letter from gosport to your solicitor and everything is done via gosport and your brief, the person to speak to once the forms have gone off is your solicitor.

You will see how much you owe when it has been paid because it appears on your blue copy of your pay statement.

any more questions please speak.
I got LSAP a few years ago. The way the Army handled things were shocking, Citing 6 weeks for everything to go through but never able to give me an answer where my application was in the system. The solicitors and everyone else were getting impatient and the house deal nearly fell through. Out of desperation I rang Gosport direct and they couldn't do enough to help and everything went through in a couple of days. Many thanks to them.

PS I would recommend LSAP to anyone who qualifies. Certainly in my case it took the mortgage down below 75% and got an extra 1/4% discount off the mortgage company. :lol:
I've been out of the Army for 10 years now, but dip into these forums now and again to see what's really going on (as opposed to the newpapers, magazines, etc...)

But what exactly is LSAP...?

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