i wonder if anyone can hellp me

i have served 11 years and it has just come to light that i am getting medically discharged although just waiting on a discharge date. Now that i have been told i am getting kicked out i want to buy a house , now can anyone advise me on if i am still entitled to receive LSAP now even though i have been medically discharged but jut waiting for a date

many thanks
c.​All Personnel:

​ (1)​​They have not yet drawn any terminal benefits; and

(2)​They have not given notice or applied for early termination unless they have qualified for a terminal grant which is greater than the LSAP, and from which, the loan can be repaid; and

(3)​They are not under warning for discharge (RN), 3-month Warning Order (Army) or Formal Warning (RAF); and

(4)​They are considered suitable in all respects by their CO to receive a LSAP; and

(5)​They have more than 6 months remaining before termination from the Services.

From JSP 752. You may have an issue meeting criteria in 2 and 5.

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