man i was thinking about applying for LSAP as it would be a really helpful boost to a house deposit but it seems like its more hassle than its worth!
What ? Filling in a form (according to instructions), getting it signed, loadsamoney and then resigning a piece of paper once every quarter? How terribly inconvenient. Think you are in for a shock if you think that's the hardest part of buying a house!
I was thinking of going for a shit, but no one was about to wipe my arse, so I'll not bother.
I am the end of the process and they don't make it easy. I completed the JPA part, printed off the paper part got it signed. Weeks later they then sent another form to my solicitor for me to sign, so she had to send that to me, being abroad. Now after it has all been agreed today they phoned her again and asked her if I was using it for me and my family to use, until then they are not paying up! This was on the original part, that I was!

So now 2 weeks before signing for the house still no money or even idea if they will give me the money!

They are a cluster there, fecking useless.

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