Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by dawnyp, Aug 29, 2009.

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  1. Hi hoping someone could clear up a few pointers on LSAP please.

    We are currently serving in Gibraltar with the Army. Been here one year out of a 2 year posting. Just had an offer accepted on a house in UK and wanted to use the LSAP.

    We plan to move into it at the end of this posting but don't know if we are entitled to LSAP as it is not for immediate occupation. My hubbie will then serve married unaccompanied. I know with the old rules as long as you had the intention to live in the property as some point you could get LSAP but not sure if we can get it and pay for a MQ too???

    thanks in advance, DP
  2. I received LSAP for the house i purchased in April, despite living-in during the week. Don't see why the rules should be any different because you live on the patch instead of in the Mess most of the time, but i stand to be corrected by a proper clerk who actually knows about admin!
    Re your question about occupation, it doesn't matter whether you plan to move in to the property you're buying immediately or not. You are permitted to rent it out, however this does make the rate at which you repay Pusser a fair bit greater/complicates the process rather a bit.
    Apologies this probably isn't the detailed answer you're looking for, but hopefully gives you a "warm and fuzzy" that there shouldn't be too many barriers.
    As an aside, the house i bought wasn't part of a chain so things moved quite quickly - in fact the only thing that slowed the process down at all was the time taken for LSAP approval/transfer to the conveyancer, so the sooner you submit the application the better....
  3. Brilliant thanks for that. Yes it does help and I am sure it will be fine. We have got the form sitting here waiting to go in, but the admin office here weren't sure either.

    Now this is a slightly cheeky question but would the MOD know if you rent it out? Just don't think we will go back straight away and that is one of the options. Not totally reliant on the LSAP as we can get the extra from the lender but seems a shame to miss out on a great opportunity.
    thanks again .
  4. It's something i looked at too, and although the simple answer is "probably not, unless you tell them", if you have been renting it out without telling and they find out....! In the end i've left mine empty, it's just a lot simpler (not just with LSAP, but in terms of council tax, etc).
    The other way of doing things is to still have the house as your primary place of residence (in terms of council tax, etc), but rent the house out on a room-for-room basis. I guess it depends whether you'd want lodgers or not. As i said, the whole business gets a little complicated in terms of repayment rates, and even if you don't tell MOD as i alluded to it doesn't take a lot to check your council tax bill. Obviously, if you're not there it'd be expected that you would have declared the property "empty" or "single occupancy" - anything else and they may start putting 2 and 2 together!
  5. To get the LSAP for your house and rent it out without informing the LSAP People is fraud.

    I am sure there is something in the LSAP small print regarding you renting it out, they will charge you for renting out but it is not a huge amount to be honest - or you could just lie and hope no one notices.

    Which they will do when they see you paying for a quarter and paying back LSAP when you are based back in the UK !! :eek:
  6. Heard a rumour a year or so ago that the LSAP was being revised - anyone heard similar?
  7. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....

    That's brilliant dutybooty :tongue:
  8. I thought there would be something in the small print and we wouldn't take a risk like that. Think we will go ahead and apply and if we do rent the house out will notify them that we are doing that. Thanks for all the info.
  9. I have LSAP and when i took it out i was told that if i ever wanted a MQ (in the future im not married) i would have to pay the LSAP back first. Although i dont remember seeing it in print.