LSAP, Over 37 Nightmare, can someone help

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by dragoonrpw, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. I have just bougt a house in the UK, 22 months to serve with the intention of getting my family settled back into our home town in prereration for civi street, i used LSAP to buy and my family are now stuck in BFG unable to get my family back, Further to that i,m am currently living in a married quarter paying rent etc and paying a mortage(OUCH).
    I cerrently fall outside all of the provisions that are in place that i thought would of assisted me in setting up home in the UK, I am too old for the over 37 provison, not i reciept of a posting order. Is tere another way i cn get my family and my houshold contants back to the UK?
    I would be greatfull for any advise given!!
  2. As I have said vefore on this forum, I am out of date with the regs, so please check with your RAO:

    Pre JPA you could apply for the "Final Tour Of Duty". There was a form that you filled in that went off to records that stated that you were requesting a final tour of duty in the UK, within 50 miles of your expected residence on retirement. It was standard practice for the MRO to certify that no postings were available for said individual and the form was returned, duly signed to that effect. This then enabled you to claim Removal expenses or use of the Removals service, and also disturbance allowance.

    Check if this is still the case.
  3. Too old for over 37?
  4. Again with the I am out of date caveat, Over 37 used to have to be opted for within 6 months of your 37th Birthday, or as a result of a posting after your 37th Birthday.
  5. I went onto the over 37 package well into my 40's and I am still on it.
  6. I have just checked RAACs -- Chapter 14, there's no mention of being too old for the over 37 package. You may be confusing it with being 37 within 6 months of being posted in which case an application throught the CoC can be made to get the package early.
  7. Thanks for the replies,
    There has been some movement with this weather its right or wrong I don’t know. My RAO and Welfare Officer put a request to MCM to apply for a mid assignment move because I didn’t qualify for Over 37, it first got rejected in November last year, it got pushed back up and they have just agreed to move my family at PE with no DA I can move into the mess and claim MUSA and pay Acc charges I’m thinking that I’m as well being separated. You would of thought after 20+ years the system would help us get our families settled back to the UK, my unit have been in BFG since 1994 with postings away few and far between and I’m not the only one having problems with this. I have heard of other people in other units not having any problems at all in similar situations
  8. Do you know if there is a time limit/ scale when i can apply for FTOD, i've been down that route and got F****d off, i was told i,m not in my final tour 22 months to go and i can only apply just before my last 6 months. does this sound right