LSAP & Invaliding

Hi all,

My last day of service is today, Fri 29 Mar 13.

I took LSAP in early 2009 (if my memory serves me correct), of which I currently owe about £5k. In Jul/Aug 09, I was deployed to Cyprus where I sustained injuries which led to my being Invalided out.

Now, my last day of service as I said is today, so I should have received pretty much a full pay packet for March. Good Friday today, so money should have gone in yesterday, which didn't happen. It didn't go in today either.

I checked my payslip on the ArmyNet, to which I discovered that I have the following listed in the 'Charges & Deductions' section:


Leavers LSAP Debt Adj: -2702.48
LSAP Interest: 19.51
LSAP Deduction: 4929.00
The the rest of it.... NI D, PAYE etc...


My gross pay (should be) approx. £2772 per month.

Total payment: 2884.05
Total deductions: 2884.05

Long story short, I haven't had a single penny paid to me because they have taken 2884.05 instantly out of my wages... What I can only assume is towards the LSAP??

Being Good Friday, I have not been able to get in touch with JPAC or even the SPVA... Which is just brilliant.

So, the fact that I have somehow got to pay 2 mortgages, household bills, tax 2 cars etc... aside, I read this in JSP 752:

02.0433. Waiver of Recovery of LSAP. LSAP recipients will be required to refund without delay any balance outstanding at the time of leaving the Service, except:

In the case of death of the Service person, recovery will be waived.

b. In the case of invaliding of the Service person, recovery will be waived, as long as the medical condition causing the invaliding did not exist when the LSAP application was originally approved (see paragraph 02.0411). Any such waivers will be forwarded by JPAC(LSAP) for consideration by SPVA PACCC, who will consult the medical authority as necessary.

c. In the case of premature discharge or release, recovery may be waived as a very exceptional measure, depending on the merits of the case. Any recommendations for a waiver are to be forwarded to SPVA PACCC.

Might be wishful thinking, but to the untrained eye, this reads to me that if you are invalided out of service, and the LSAP was applied for etc before the issue for invaliding arose, then the amount owed is waived?

I am after some info / advice if possible.

a. I'm sure that they aren't supposed to take that amount of money out of a payslip, and should deduct the total amount from my lump sum instead (which I haven't received yet).

b. The charge shouldn't be there in the 1st place, as according to JSP 752 it should be written off as such.


Thanks for the info.

I didn't know that as I haven't actually had a service leavers pack... Hmmmm!

I will get in touch with the Ch Clk and see what he can do

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