LSAP Increase

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by kernow1977, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. Anyone got any gen about the possible increase of LSAP this year. I have heard the figures £17k and £70k mentioned. All to do with trying to mag to grid married quarters etc.

    Not really interested in the politics behind it, just want to know is it going to increase a week after I have taken the standard £8500?! Ha

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  2. Covered in the AFPRB 2013 Report :

    Report states:

    "6.7. MOD said that in order to meet the changing demands of a restructured Armed Forces, the FAP will seek to make an accommodation offer which provides Service personnel with choice and meets their family needs. This could include new Home Purchase Incentives replacing Long Service Advance of Pay with the aim of increasing home ownership and reducing reliance on publicly-funded accommodation.

    6.8. We have consistently heard that accommodation entitlement policy is no longer appropriate for modern family structures and welcome MOD’s intention to look at current anomalies as it develops its future policy."

    I can't imagine that it will be easy for MOD to do much in the current financial climate.