LSAP, how long does it take?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Strike, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. I've got a bit of a problem here,
    I applied for a LSAP approx 2 months ago, but as I'm detached from my unit I've not been able to chase the paperwork around other than phone calls every now and then.
    problem is, it seems my clerk "lost" my application for nearly a month, while telling me it was on the colonel's desk. meanwhile I've coughed nearly a grand in fees/surveys etc.

    now if the old dear I'm buying the house from found out it could take another 2 months to complete shed have a fit and pull out, putting the house back on the market, so to ensure I don't lose the house and the £1000 already spent, I've had to borrow a short term 5k deposit from my bank costing me 1.60 per day interest until the LSAP hits my solicitor who will then pay me rather than my mortgage lender who now has their deposit. I'm aware this is dodgy ground but like I've said, this could cost me the house and everything I've coughed up because of my inadequate clerks losing paperwork.

    can anyone tell me how long I can expect to wait for jpac or whoever to process my application?
  2. Guy at my work was in a similar boat a while back. He got messed around and started receiving threats from the building firm with whom he'd put a deposit on a new-build house. He lost the house in the end, and his girlfriend for that matter..
    He did manage to speed things up and get proper answers instead of the default 'yeah yeah next month's pay...' by bluffing and saying he'd instructed his solicitor's to pursue the matter etc. All of a sudden he was getting phone calls from SO3 captains he'd never heard of assuring him it was being dealt with. 8)
    Funny that.
  3. I basically got the number of centurian blg (gosport, from the mod directory ext 100) and as always in the mob... spoke to the people who authorise these things. I had to get my solicitor to send a letter to them with a breakdown of costs and believe it or not... the transaction went through without hassle. Did nt hinder my house purchase. As for the loan well i think you may be treading on thin ice as the lsap is for a stake in your house (yes the service will own 7.5k of your house). My advice would be to phone centurian blg and speak to the lady who runs LSAP, have a list of questions. All this was pre JPA so it could be different... good luck.
  4. The LSAP desk will no longer speak to you direct, you have to go through JPAC (94 560 3600) for all your LSAP enquiries now.