LSAP - Has anyone applied for this?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by P3HO, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. Recently applied for the Long Service Advance of Pay.

    Mortgage is on track and deadlines are tight. However, feedback from the LSAP section is that "we are busy and it hasnt been processed yet"....


    Oh that is OK then...I will just delay the biggest ever purchase of my life then AAAArrrrggghhhhh!!!!!!

    Is this the way it is going to progress...or are they quite good at doing it all when it finally starts?
  2. Used it myself and actually found the good. Same as you was worried about time lines but they came through in the end.

    Have a chat to them about your deadline and see if they can work on it for you.
  3. Phew...I was hoping to read that. Cheers for the reply. I will just take a deep breath and be patient...for now :)
  4. Yup got mine 3 years ago and it was touch and go. They do say to expect a 6-8 week lead time and you MUST not exchange/complete until the LSAP is finalised, a little technacality I almost fell foul of!!!
  5. Yep, got mind with no problems at all. Took about six weeks to come through. Only advice I would give is not to leave it too late to apply for it.
  6. When I took it, I was advised not to go for the full amount, as at that time it exceeded the limit for non-taxable interest free loans from employers (I think it was £5k then). Not sure it the same applies now, but it might be worth checking.

    CN :)
  7. Agree on that last point. I only took out the £5k because of that limit.

    Still cant quite understand why the process takes almost as long as the actual Mortgage process itself. Is this just a shite service we are letting stroll along without any accountability? Why 6 weeks?
  8. MOD agency.........need I say any more!!!!!!!! :p
  9. It took 11 weeks for my application to go through from filling in the forms to the money getting to my solicitor.
  10. got the full £8500 a few years ago. not only did it save me paying any interest i would have had to pay on a bank loan for the same amount it actually brought my mortgage down below 75% and I got a better rate! Anything extra you pay back on this loan by going for the full amount is peppercorn compared to the amount saved.
  11. I got mione 6 months ago and it took 3 weeks to complete. I found it a very good service. Obviously it will take longer the more applications they have. Hopefully all will go well for you.
  12. i have applied for it, about 10 weeks ago, completion date is around the corner and have not received anything from them, do they contact you or do they deal with the solicitor.....
  13. ChargeSuper,

    I think you should contact your solicitor or the JPAC helpdesk as they can check on what correspondence has been sent. The LSAP documentation I got was sent to my solicitor with me as a copy address, my solicitor then also sent me a copy, this took about three weeks though. I did get twitchy and contacted the JPAC team and they said it had been posted, it took roughly 10 days to get from Gosport to Gloucester. Now I have to wait out and see if Northern Rock will allow a second mortgage on the property, nice to be told of these things BEFORE you apply for a mortgage!!! :(
  14. Useful info. They dont like us to contact them direct...but why the hell shouldnt we? This is such a huge spend and is too important to allow civil servants to dictate the pace.

    POC: Mrs Neasham
    Tri-Service Accommodation Section (TSAS),
    Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency (Centurion) (AFPAA(C)),
    Centurion Building,
    Grange Road,
    PO13 9XA

    Tel – 02392 702112
    Fax - 02392 702506
    Email -
  15. You may speed up the application process by advising your solicitor of the LSAP office requirements, which are:

    1. Your purchase price,
    2. Mortgage offer,
    3. Breakdown of all costs and disbursements,
    4. Lenders (Building society) consent to the MOD second charge,
    5. Your solicitors bank details for payment. (very important)

    So make sure you contact your solicitor asap and ask them to forward these details on without delay to the LSAP office. When we informed our solicitor they said they would contact Gosport to ask in which "form" they wanted this you might want to plan this in too.

    God only knows why they dont tell you all this on the application form...annoying.