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Afternoon All,

In 2004 I took out £8,500 LSAP on the understanding that any balance outstanding when I terminated would be recovered from my terminal benefits. I am out in October and during a conversation yesterday with JPAC on an unrelated matter it came up that any outstanding LSAP is now recovered from Final Pay with any outstanding amount remaining after that being recovered from terminal benefits.

My outstanding balance is greater than my monthly wage - I thought that they could not deduct any more than 4 days pay in one go? This effectively means that no money will go into my account from the end of September until I receive my first pension payment and gratuity at some point in November. I am going on a course until the end of November and consequently I am not moving straight into employment. How am I supposed to live, on fresh air?

We discussed this in the office today and a significant proportion of us would appear to be in the same boat - all believing that the outstanding amount is recovered from terminal benefits not Final Pay. I rang the LSAP office today and they confirmed that the rules had changed but no letters were sent out only JSP 752 was amended. I took this out in good faith only to find 2 months before I leave after 22 years that the goalposts have moved. Thanks for nothing Army - nothing like heaping more stress on at a time like this.

Are there any gurus out there who can advise on this?

Many thanks


The same thing happened to me, luckily my final pay in Dec last year was only 7 days worth, still they took the lot, but luckily my gratuity hit the bank account exactly 3 weeks after my discharge date. So I suppose it all depends on when you are discharged and if you have completed the AFPS 1 form in good time. I was quite fortunate but I can see some people becoming unstuck. Typical JPAC, they will blame the unit for not disseminating the amendments in JSP752, although as a former FSA myself I would put these amendments on part ones as repeat orders weekly for a month afterwards.

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