LSAP application in - how do I speed it along?

I need to complete on a property quickly, my LSAP application has been provisionally accepted a few weeks ago, and the amended application with all relevant details submitted today.

For a variety of reasons, I need the LSAP cash quick smart, everything else is in place and boxed off and ready to go - I risk the whole deal falling through if JPAC do not process my application ASAP!! I have read on forums that it can be turned around in a

Any advice from those who have experience with this will be appreciated...thanks

walk it up yo admin, ahdn it over, walk them to the CO's office, then follow them until they fax it off to Centurion. Then Phone Centurion evry hour on the hour until it is passed through. Good luck.
phone JPAC, the person on the phone will tell you they can't put you through to the LSAP office, but be persitant and ask to speak to a manager. The manager put me through twice in two days before it was sorted out.

I have just completely ballsed up my LSAP application by not opening my JPA workflow and realising there is more paperwork to do. Can anyone confirm the JPAC LSAP teams fax number; I have seen 2 on the internet and JPAC don't advertise it very well. I have already wasted 3 weeks, any help would be appreciated.

I have an application in progress that I started in December, sent the signed copy off on 9 Jan, Bog standard response that they don't have my application and when they get it it will take 6 weeks minimum from the LSAP people at Gosport. Having to submit JPA service requests instead of actually talking to someone is a complete pain in the arrse. I can see in not too distant future that the vendor will tell me to poke it if I can't complete.
Wish I hadn't bothered and may sack it if no information comes through in the next week or so.

Smudge I had to re-send it in the post, address is on the JSP.

I spoke to them last week to see if they had received the paper application which they acknowledged they had. Today I have received a notification in my workflow saying the application has been approved and that they are writing to my solicitor. It took them about 5 days to approve it once they had the paper application. The only question now is how long does it actually take once "approved". Does anyone have any ideas?

Guys - the LSAP process can take anywhere up to 9 weeks (as stated on the application form) however, having dealt with LSAP many times at the business end as well as for myself, generally it will take 4-6 weeks but this also depends on how quick your solicitor is in returning thier paperwork ... As for contact with the LSAP team - your admin office should have contact and fax numbers for them - As a previous FSA I know I always had them to hand. Their fax number should you need it is Mil: 938442506
I've always found the girls at the LSAP team to be very helpful and I've dealt with them many times .... they will where possible push through an application if the deadline is getting tight - provided you and your solicitor has done your bits !!!!
My solicitor has recieved the LSAP paperwork, I think I just need to realise that buying a house is really slow and I can try my hardest to make it happen in my time, but I won't really make any difference. My little rant was not against the LSAP people themselves but more about having to submit service requests to JPA instead of being able to just call someone and have my query dealt with in 30 seconds, rather than logging onto JPA every hour to see if anyone has replied.

Hopefully all will go well now, just need to complete by 20 Mar and avoid stamp duty!
Mate, I've just bought a house - completed on 10 Dec 11 without LSAP and that took 4 1/2 months ... but I don't think you will have a problem completing in Mar - My first house had a week to go before completion for which I used LSAP and I'd still not had the LSAP apporval letter through - on calling them they sorted it within the next 2 days so as you can see - they are good at what they do and very helpful ... they do have a lot of applications to sift through though. pm me and I'll give you a number that might be useful !!!!
regarding the Stamp Duty holiday deadline: what stage do you have to be at on 24 Mar 12 in order to avoid paying stamp duty? do you have to have exchanged contracts?

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