Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by acm2205, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. I am currently looking at purchasing a property.

    Firstly I've served 6 years adult service, am i eligible for long service advance of pay and how much is it currently?

    Secondly would i be elegible for get you home pay, roughly how much would it be (i'm in JHQ and the property will be near york) and also if i decided to rent the property out would i still be eligible for get you home pay?

    Many thanks

  2. Have you no access to JPA?
  3. Or any clerks ?

    Sorry, I meant to say "Human Resource Specialists"

    Why would you be eligible for GYH for a property that you were renting out? Surely the 'renting' part would make it hard to claim as a 'home'? I'm sure there is a way round this minor legality and you could probably get some useful advice on legitimate fraud from your local MP.
  4. You do not get GYH for a propery that you are renting out, specifically because "Get you home" is to allow you to travel back to where you would normally be living at weekends when not on duty etc.

    In your case it would be a privately maintained property and it must be vacant for your own use, to claim GYH whilst someone else is paying you rent for the propery is fraud ;)
  5. Combat Human Resources Specialists
  6. Of course if your a Politician just bung in a claim for whatever you want whenever you want
  7. Please forgive my faux pas ............. are you one of said CHRS creatures?
  8. Ahem.

    No you can't claim to rent it out. I miss my other two campadres in crime!!!
  9. The current ammount is £8500. Or 10% plus a bit (for fees) if your house is less than £85,000. I bought a house in Feb for £72,500 and got £7900.
    If you are going t orent out a house you owe LSAP on you have to pay the MOD a % of the rent as they own some of the house.
    Be prepared to wait around and genearlly get fucked off with the MOD as its not a quick process and i nearly lost the house due to it. But i coudnt have got a house without the money so its a small price to pay really.
    Im in the navy and luckily there is no time limit you have to have served anyone out of training can get it in the Navy. I had done less than 3 years at the time.
  10. With regards to renting;

    Qualifying property:

    'The property is intended for the applicants own IMMEDIATE occupation or that of their immediate family. In the case of families or single personnel who wuill be unable to occupy the property during the working week, occupation at weekends and/or during periods of leave is deemed to qualify.'

    You can not 'BUY TO RENT' with LSAP. Only rent it out after initial occupation. At that point you will pay interest charges on the loan, not pay the MOD a % of the rent, though I'm sure that would be a tidy little earner for them.
  11. You should also be aware that there used to be a requirment to register a second interest on the property - ie to recognise that the MOD owned a little slice. Some solicitors would try to charge extra for the additional 'work' involved. In such instances you should not accept it. I think that this problem may now have gone away with a slight amendment to the rules.