Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by mark3536, Oct 30, 2008.

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  1. mark3536

    mark3536 War Hero

    Hi All.

    I have a question, basically i just want to make sure im not getting paid too much and getting it all taken back off me later on.
    My unit is based abroad, im attached to a UK Unit and live in SSSA and have been for the last year. I currently recieve LSA, FIA, GYH + Wages. Im not moaning but i just want to make sure im not being overpaid. Any answers would be good. cheers.
  2. paywog

    paywog LE

    Need more detail - Where is your unit based? Are you on the black economy? Assignment order issued? Do you have your own place elsewhere? when are you going back to your unit? Were you initially abroad with the unit? - Give me as much info on your circumstances as you can and I will do some digging - PM if you feel the need.

  3. mark3536

    mark3536 War Hero

    Hi. Its in Central England and yes im on the black. I do have my own house where i was brought up and go back there at weekends. I was abroad first then moved to the current unit im at now.

  4. paywog

    paywog LE

    Where is your unit? When are you due back?

  5. mark3536

    mark3536 War Hero

    My Unit is Germany, Im not sure when im due back, i think its just a rolling attachment
  6. paywog

    paywog LE


    As you are receiving GYH I would say the regs are quite clear - you are not entitled to LSA:

    05.0107. Ineligible Service Personnel.
    Service personnel will be ineligible to
    receive LSA when:
    a. In receipt of Get You Home (GYH) Travel allowance for the same period
    of separation. However, entitlement to GYH (Early Years) (GYH(EY)) and the
    accumulation of GYH (Seagoers) (GYH(S))/GYH(S) Additional Journeys is
    unaffected by payment of LSA. LSA ceases for the period a GYH(EY), GYH(S)
    or GYH(S) Additional Journey is undertaken.
  7. mark3536

    mark3536 War Hero

    Thankyou. I will speak to pay clerk monday about it.
  8. partyr

    partyr Old-Salt


    If you are the guy who lost a leg, if you were casevaced direct from ops to Hospital care, then you retain your LSA and your Ops allowance. I'm sure PW can give you the exact entitlement. But if you are still attached to the Hospital then my understanding is you retain these allowances.