I've just checked over one of my pay statements to find one month I had my LSA paid into my account only to have it removed the following month, the reason when queried was because I was not on the same exercise for 10 days, I was pulled off half way through to head straight out to Sennybridge to cover the ranges. I was under the impression it was nights out of bed, not which paticular exercise you were on? Could somebody clarify this for me please.
Correct. It is consecutive time away, so if you returned to camp before switching exercises then it is corect. If you bounced from one straight on to the other then you should still be entitled.
Correct. Sorry, should have made that a bit clearer. JSP752 para 05.0103 sub para (e) sub sub para (1) says:

'A Service person will be deemed to be undertaking Qualifying Service (for LSA) if they are on temporary duty for a period in excess of 9 days and are unable to spend a minimum period of 24 hours at their duty station, family home or permanent residence within a weekend (or period of time off in lieu) due to the nature or location of the temporary duty.'

Which I think is fairly clear.
Thanks for that, I'll make sure I'll reference that when I head back in to get my damn money back.

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