This is one for all of you allowance gurus out there, any of your comments will be very welcome as I know that this is a VERY grey area and open to massive interpretation.

This is the situation:

I am away from my duty station for circa 10 weeks.

This is 80-odd miles away.

I can go home during stand-down periods, however, these are few and far between and normally consist of one day (or part thereof) rather than a weekend.

Additionally, they are often going to be mid week - as I proved this afternoon with a nice 8 hour round trip to spend 4 hours with my wife before getting back to do my kit for the early start tomorrow.

My question is this:

Am I eligible for LSA or GYH?

My duty station RAO is maintaining that LSA is only payable if in a different theatre. I disagree....

Many thanks in anticipation for your comments.


Edited to add: I have searched but I can't find this exact situation.
LSA can be paid in the same theatre if you are unable to come back during periods of standown, if you can reasonably be expected to get home for these periods then GYH (T) is the allowance for you.
You don't have to be in a different theatre.
I do however believe that there is a rule about the distance although I can't find it in the JSP (online version on ArmyNet) - I think you must be more than 50 miles away.
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