LSA separation Allowances Rates


After searching the intraweb I finally came across the Daily Rates and qualification periods for the new LSA system.

Having read with glee that military personnel could earn upto £25.42p a day in recognition for extended periods of separation..........imagine how suprised I was when I realised the truth.

Fourteen levels of daily rate which start after a 100 day qualification period. Each level is 300 after applying some thought and a calculator I discovered that to attain level 14 rates you need to serve 4200 days! 11.5 years on separated service!

i don't think they mentioned that detail during defence questions in the House of Commons :pissedoff:
Thats a goal to achieve then.

6 months away, 6 months at home (ish). So just remember when you're hacked off enough to sign off you just have to realise that dream of the next increment to carry on.


Further to this, the removal of the 210/365 bonuses and the savings made by the MOD, surely this cash is then being used to fund increment levels that very few individuals will attain!

Again I feel like the MOD has turned one of my sphincters into a wizards cuff! :thumbdown:


I think it would be naive of us to believe that any new allowances for us have not already been offset by taking something away from us!!!

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