LSA Question

Hi all,

i have been to my admin office a few times and each time i get mugged off and clerk never answers my question or bothers to do some digging with me.

Basically i checked my pay statement and i think some LSA days are missing or have never been added.

I served 3 years in Lisburn, NI between 2003 - 2006 (still when it was OP BANNER) Should my time time here count in days?

Also if they have not been counted as LSA days does that mean i am not as close to ACSM medal as i thought?

I am currently on 200 days LSA but that doesnt tally up to me especially cause i did TELIC aswell.

Any help is welcome cause my admin and useless.
The time posted to Lisburn will not count as LSA but will count towards your ACSM. When in Lisbon you will have been paid around a fiver a day extra (NI Resident supplement?).
Your LSA days have nothing to do with your ACSM.
If you were posted to NI you wouldnt be eligible for LSA whilst there.
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