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Evening All!

A quick glance at my November pay statement on JPA has shown that I have been overpaid LSA for a stint away from barracks. I have put the amount I have been overpaid to one said because I am fully aware that it will be recovered at some stage.

Because I have been taxed on this amount, how can I reclaim back the tax on the amount I have to repay? A friend of mine was in this dilemma not so long ago and ended up being told by the Pay Office that he had to claim it back from HMRC; on ringing HMRC he was told that it was the Army's problem not theirs! He appears to have been well and truly fucked off at the high port.

Any advice welcomed.

Many thanks

This is the way LSA works. If the date you stop being entitled to LSA is in the second half of the month, you will be paid it until the end of the month, and then have the extra days reclaimed from your pay the following month. Do not worry about the tax, as it is handled automatically as part of PAYE.
Many thanks, JP.



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