LSA or GYH? Course sometimes requiring weekend attendance

Anyone an allowances guru?

I'm off on a course soon for a few months. Going through JSP 752, it says that if you're able to travel home at weekends then you are ineligible for LSA and, instead, eligible for GYH. No problems.

Thing is.....the course I'm gonig on does not guarantee either way that you will or will not be required to work on weekends - some courses have, some haven't. In addition, it is possible that I will be required to do camp duty on weekends during the course ( a 2 in 7 chance! ).

Anyone know what I should claim for? The Unit clerk is away for ages, otherwise would have asked.

I take it the course is in the same theatre as your duty station (stupid question as you've obviously read the book! - but has to be asked) how far away?
If you can travel home at weekends, or periods of stand-down then I would say it's GYH providing it is over 50 miles from your permanent duty station (which you say it is)

LSA is normally for courses where there is an expectation of field conditions etc, or that the weekends are on the course schedule.
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