LSA limited to 30 days on Ops.

Right...has anyone heard that LSA is being limited to 30 days while on Ops? I cant think this is true but a friend of mine has a facebook group and that is what one of the posts says. It comes from a serving soldier. Sounds rubbish to me but stranger things have happened. :?
IE is def limited to 30 days and not payable at all for ops or field conditions. He states LSA
He is talking out of his hoop. The only change to LSA is that the qualifying period has gone down to 7 days from 10.
if your a serving soldier do you actually think for one minute that LSA would get limited?
Its all iorned out now, was confusing IE with LSA. Another change to LSA is that qualifimng period for field conditions has been removed. So if the CO grants FC then its LSA city. (except for reservists who dont qualifie at all :cry: )

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