LSA Level Checking with JPA mainframe

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by LongJohnSilver, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. Guys

    Some help please, how are your units checking LSA accumulated totals (keeping track of an individuals LSA level), do you still keep LSA cards with the accumulated days on them (as opposed to the LSSA AT and AT+ column), if so, how do you check the days off from the JPA mainframe.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated as some of our chaps are disputing LSA levels and we are trying to implement a work around.

    Very Many Thanks

  2. mine has not gone up and ive added 20 odd days onto my lsa total..what is going on?
  3. No idea, i never thought to check will do when i get back into work though.
  4. How can they possibly be wrong? Are you suggesting that there may be some sort of error with transitioning from UNICOM to JPA :eek:
  5. Errrrm, would do if LSSA (as it was known, now LSA) days were held on UNICOM prior to transition, they are held on the JPA mainframe and as you move and track, granting LSA, the days increase, thus the level goes up every 300 days, RAO's used to maintain a manual LSSA card (as this could not be done on UNICOM) to check off what was on the APC mainframe (shown on the old unit copy Pay Statement), both should match, I am curious now to know if RAO's are still maintaining the accumulated total column on said card and how they are being checked against the mainframe at JPA, obviously LSSA AT and AT Plus has now gone, thus, no need to maintain the column dealing with these bonuses.

    Although, I would love to blame transition for this, it's not UNICOM this time.
  6. LSSA Accumulated totals used to be held on the legacy mainframe and were migrated across to JPA, but I have to say the LSSA code on the legacy was flacky to say the least and often had trouble when units put in a lot of retrospective adjustments. Now its on JPA, well......... who knows. I would be intrested to see what the result would be should someone ask for validation of their accumulated days, i.e. What periods were used to make up their total.
  7. Pior to JPA we took a note of the LSSA totals for every one in our unit, and once JPA went live we had to go through each individual record and check the Payroll Process Results, scroll through payruns to the first entry (now that it is Aug, there will be quite a number to scroll through!). Select Veiw Results, a new table will pop up! Make sure that the Element Name with "Setup User Defind" is selected, and press Run Result Values. Then we had to check that the number set against Involsep was 100 more than the LSSA total we had.

    But, as HR, I am not able to check if this is added to! It is an individuals responsibility to make sure that the correct number of days are being credited to them!
  8. Result, many thanks.


  9. No need to maintain those exciting LSSA Bonus cards as the bonuses no longer exist, how gutted am I ?

    It was so much fun doing them from scratch back in 1999 when the bonuses first appeared, as my FSA said at the time it seemed to be a step back to SEPAL.

    Progress is a wonderful thing don't you think? :D
  10. Agreed, most exciting.......NOT, however, I just wondered if RAO's were still maintaining the accumulated days to facilitate cross check of incremental levels with the JPA mainframe.
  11. This is not possible! As we dont even get hard copies of the pay statements, and the on screen version available to the HR Admin does not show the running total of LSA! I had one guy come in to my office yesterday saying that his accumulated days had gone DOWN! The only thing I can do for him is hand him the phone to call JPAC and get him to explane it to them!
  12. Mbam, thanks, I did wonder, I am well aware that HR do not get hard copies of Pay Statements, although, we can scrutinise Statements of Earnings on JPA (better once the Pay Roll has gone through), I am also aware that LSA days cannot be seen on the Statement of Earnings, hence the question, however, if they (accumulated days) cannot be seen at HR level then so be it.
  13. Is that why my total of LSA days is greater that my total of LSSA days by 100?
  14. Yes!!!!!