LSA in Cyprus

How mad is this information i was told today.

Me and my wife are currently in Cyprus and she was told that if we go home for R and R we our LSA will stop...fair one cause thats what happens....BUT if we dont go home then it still stops.....How does that work????

I always thought that LSA is paid because i am away form my home/work place, staying in Cyprus still leaves me away form my home/workplace...

Pleas could someone explain why we are going to lose LSA.....
Don't know mate but it could be that you are effectively on leave so not under the supervision of HM Forces/UN, you wouldn't expect it if you, say, took your r'n'r in Egypt for a week or 2 would you?

How's it going anyway?

Can I have your car? :)

It's just sitting there doing nothing but gather dust?!? :D
however...if your single and on R and R then your LSA doesn't stop...if you bring your wife/family stops...hahaha...

no you cant have my can fix the front wing though....
I'll get it fixed if you let me drive it and keep it topped up in petrol/diesel?

I'll even valet it for your return!

And I promise not to fcuk it up any more than you have!

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