LSA & IE, rules?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Strike, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. just a quick question as there seems to be a bit of a stink brewing at my place about this.

    recently a number of my lads were away on a cadre course/leadership course, call it what you will, but and on return they were given LSA as they were told they would, then they have also banged in a nice claim for IE incurred during that period.

    now, the way i see things is that LSA is a separation allowance and is given when you are separated from your home/place of work for longer than 10 days.

    IE is claimed for incedental expences (papers, phone calls, laundry etc)

    some say, you cant have both! but why not? they are 2 totally different claims arnt they?

    can someone please enlighten us.

  2. yes you can have both JSP 752 refers they are 2 separate thing LSA is as you correctly say for periods of 10 days or more spent away from your perminent duty statation where travel home at periods of stand down is not permited (a carder course would be an example) . IE is to re-imberse incidental expendature when acommodated in publicaly funded (hotel or service) acommodation. 5 quid in UK no need for recipts so get that claim in on jpa my friend
  3. This answer is correct but you need to remember that IE is not payable when in field conditions which may be applicable for part of the cadre.

  4. Yourpay I hate to be pedantic, or have you been drinking? If you are a clerk I'm worried, there are nine spelling mistakes in your post which is less than five lines long! If you wish to progress in military administration then you will need to pay more attention to this aspect of your output.
  5. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    That sounds like my last CR!
  6. Paymaster so sorry for the spelling but heavy night in the mess and i dont need to progress any further in this mans army thank you very much, 2 years to do till 22 and a nice pension and an all ready paid for house. But thanks for the concern
  7. But your going to be though aren't you. :D :wink:
  8. And just one other though instead of picking up my spelling why not actually offer some help to someone who has asked a very good question. But by using the mane paymaster you inply your old school pay corps as no one has had that title for years, so odviously all the money is yours and Strike should be thankful he gets paid at all?????

    Just a thought
  9. Strike back to thread yes you can claim concurrently. You should bear in mind that you can only claim IE for a maximum of 30 days irrelevant of how long the cadre was.

    As for my spelling if it's wrong it's wrong. :wink:

  10. Jockster i have just rechecked JSP 752 (latest online version) for staying in service accommodation there is no time limit as long as you are in temp accom eg long course you can claim IE for the whole period also strangley resettlement course are coverd for the whole course even if for more than 30 days 03.0113 refers
  11. Paymaster, I counted 11 mistakes mate, take yourself outside and give yourself a talking to for missing 2 of them!
  12. I could go on like this all day, literacy and grammar really don't appear important these days do they, lol! :twisted:
    I mean, seriously, how on earth did you pass the EFP?
  13. With a lot of help been a registered dyslexic thanks for the concern that’s why I do sums not words lmao!!
  14. When we go to batus can we claim IE before and after the exercise for the time we are in crowfoot :?
  15. Your Pay many thanks mate - I stand corrected :oops: