lsa for olympics?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by creature2002, Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. not heard anything from my own unit, can anyone clarify if lsa is being paid for the duration of the olympics?
  2. Yeah, Field Conditions have been declared.
  3. many thanks
  4. I never got this, do i see my own unit admin or is Op Olympic stuff dealt with by others??
  5. Who do you normally go and see if you have a problem with your pay?
  6. Why is it on this site everyone has to be rude and to anyone who asks a simple question. It would be better and more helpful if you didn't give your sarcastic replies

    I was simply asking if I saw my own admin people or if there where people who deal with Olympic stuff, as when I was on FTRS the unit I worked for administered me!!!

    And to the other poster, no I don't come on the internet to sort thhis kind of thing out, it just happens i came across this post and asked a simple question.
  7. Maybe if you stopped asking such stooooopid questions you'd get a sensible answer

    And your gay :)
  8. In that case, who should you have spoken to while you were on FTRS?

    And, assuming that you're no longer attached to the unit you were with, who does that leave that you could speak to?

    You've got three options - (a) ask your own clerks/admin staff, (b) ask the clerks/admin staff at the unit you were attached to or (c) ask on the internet where, chances are, the people who can actually do anything don't post or won't know who you are even if they do.
  9. thank you Jimmy, but as my unit clerk has probably gone home for the weekend I thought I would ask a simple question here so that I could go direct to the correct person on Monday, but as is usual on here people on here can't be helpful and give a sensible answer.
    As I was not officialy attached to another unit during Op Olympics I was not sure if there would be a specific dept or unit that was dealing with Op Olympics related queries.

    Finally, what has to be remembered is that some people have never had to deal with with the issue they are having and hope that asking a simple question will give them the direction they need to go in. If I was asking you to resolve this problem for me then I could understand the negative comments, but I am not asking that I am simply asking who i should go to.

    Have a nice weekend all.
  10. Get hold of the JMC(L) FRAGO/OP O, it's got it in there. Whoever from your parent unit was responsible for sending you should have a copy, or search on DII.
  11. diss1leg - Go to YOUR unit HR Admin staff - (it makes no difference if you're FTRS/NRPS/TA/Reg) if it hasn't already been input onto JPA they will be able to take the required action ... hope this is of use
  12. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I'm in a bad mood, you are a ****!

    Take your bone questions to the pay office.