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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by HEART_STOPPER, Nov 24, 2010.

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  1. One of our lad's was on course in the UK (were based in Germany), His course was 6 months and 2 weeks long.He was initially told he would get LSA and IE (30 days at a time)He got back and was then told that he was getting no LSA and the IE was taken back from him.This was almost a year ago.He was told that he should have been posted there for the course but, you never are, and all other students from overseas units got LSA.I know that claims are often not paid due to misinterpretation by either the claimant or the clerk of the rules for this type of claim, which is what i think has happened.So the help i'm after for him is,1. Is there any length of time when the claim is dismissed as tough luck?2. Should he have gotten any LSA and if so where can he find proof?3. If he should have been posted in, can he claim for disturbance allowance?4. Can he claim for IE for the course and if so how many days?He doesnt want extra cash that he's not entitled to just what he should have got.Thanks in advance HS
  2. If he wasn’t posted (presuming he is single) I would suggest that he is entitled to LSA for the duration if he couldn’t reasonably be expected to get home at weekends (as seems to be in this case), see below (italics).

    JSP 752 Sect 2 Chap 1 Annex B 6:

    Single Service personnel (PStat Cat 5) are considered to be INVOLSEP for
    Longer Separation Allowance (LSA) purposes when they are temporarily detached (eg
    on Ops/ex or courses) away from their permanent duty station for Service reasons for
    10 days or more and they are unable to return to their permanent duty station on stand down and weekends.

    JSP 752 Chap 5 Longer Separation Allowance:

    05.0103 e Qualifying Separation (QS) is defined as 7 consecutive days or more INVOLSEP that is taken at a location that precludes return to the duty station, family home or permanent residence during normal stand down periods (eg weekends)
    Service person will be deemed to be undertaking QS if they are:

    (1) On temporary duty for a period of 7 consecutive days or more and are unable to spend a minimum period of 24 hours at their duty station, family home or permanent residence within a weekend (or period of time off in lieu) due to the nature or location of the temporary duty.

    He would not be eligible for IE in this case

    IE is for temporary duty and is only payable for 30 days of a temporary absence, even if he goes home the clock would not be reset because he is on the same task and he is in receipt of INVOLSEP (JSP 752 Chap 3 03.0115 d)

    If he was posted the rules for Disturbance allowance are contained in JSP 752 Chap 7 Sect 1. The point for clarification would be:


    07.0106 b Where Service personnel return from an assignment where they
    occupied public accommodation to a property that they previously lived in which
    their family continued to occupy during their absence (eg those returning from
    SSSA to a home that has been continually occupied by their family, or single
    personnel returning to privately owned or rented property that has not been let).

    That should be clear as mud :biggrin:

    Either way if he was one of mine I would be arguing that he should be eligible for something, however, as it is the clerks own money I am sure one of them will be along in a minute to tell you he is entitled to f*ck all ^_~
  3. If the course was over a year ago, then he would be entitled to IE for every day that he spent in the accommodation, the rules changing it to a max of 30 days only changed in Feb/Mar of this year.

    He is certainly entitled to LSA as well, so he had better speak to his Sub Unit HR to get it put back on, if that fails then speak to the Sys Co-ord / FSA in the RAO.
  4. The rules for the length of claiming IE may have only recently changed, however, if claiming LSA (for VOLSEP or INVOLSEP) as far as I am aware you have never been entitled to IE.

    IE is coincidental with NS & DS

    More than happy to be corrected though :-D
  5. I've always claimed LSA and IE but only for 2 weeks at a time as I did all my trade courses ages ago but cheers for the replys
  6. IE can be claimed for any temporary duty away from your duty station, whether LSA is claimed or not for a maximum of 30 days (as long as you are not on field conditions).

    The OP's mate might not be eligible for LSA if he is serving unaccompanied in Germany and wife lives in UK when he goes back for his course!!
  7. Sorry forget to mention he's a singly.
  8. What he said!!

  9. I happily stand corrected on the IE :-D:-D
  10. The lads well pleased with the info so he's going in to see clerical ops and will hopefully get it sorted however our young clerk seems to think that by giving lsa to one of the other lads for his course she's doing him a favour but it's the first time she's worked with our Corps so it may just be because it's all new to her, I'll let you know how he gets on, cheers.
  11. She is, the money belongs to the SPS !!
  12. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    LSA is a massive grey area. For example, I'm currently on course where the Instructors, from SI up to WO state that you will need to work weekends.

    Because it's not on my joining instructions saying this, I don't qualify for LSA.

    They wont put it on the instructions as it'd be a big budget hit.

    I've not seen my wife nor left this camp in three months apart from going to the local Spar.